Monday, July 03, 2006

We went Swimming!

Today it was hot and cloudy so we decided to finally take the boys for a swim at moms. Usually it is way too sunny out and we get worried about even bringing the boys in and out of the car in the 100+ degree weather...but today was a perfect swimming day. We got all 3 into their little swimmers (even though we bought them each 2 bathing suits thinking they would be swimming all year long) and we got in the pool (89 degree water) and stuck them each in a float. Luke wasn't so excited, he just about pulled himself out of his float holding on to me. So Don took the other two around the pool and I held Luke close while we watched. After a bit, we blew up our other floatie (looks like a little tykes car) and Luke sat in it, trying to beep the horn. Jaxon loved the pool. He loved being tossed up and dipping back in the water and when I'd stop, he'd try to jump up in the water to start up again. He'd just laugh and splash...he loved it! Wyatt on the other hand was tired from the drive over and I think the water soothed him because he was getting sleepy. He floated around a bit, but then I took him out and cuddled him a bit before we decided it was time to get out. They all loved watching Belle swim, and laughed when they watched Michael swim under the water to jump up right in front of them. We didn't bring the camera (darn it) but I think we learned our lesson and will make sure we have it next time!

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