Monday, July 31, 2006

Daddy's Boys

These boys LOVE their daddy! In our house, da-da is the main phrase. Jax occasionally yells out "daaaah" in a "where are you dad, I am looking for you" way. This is when Don is not even home. "Da-da, da-da" is spoken hundreds of times during the day. While they are eating or playing, Luke will occasionally just look towards the front door, "da".
When Daddy gets home and it is playtime, the boys giggle and shriek when Daddy plays
chase with them. Wyatt crawls right to his dad, meeting him head on and daring his daddy to get him. Luke runs away so fast his little body can't keep up with his legs and he looks like he will topple right over. But he keeps looking back over his shoulder to be sure his dad is following right behind. And Jaxon crawls away quickly, but keeps his dad in his sites, giggling and taunting his daddy that he is too far to be caught. But then when he wants to be captured, he just lays down and waits for the kisses. And the kisses do come! They all love to be ticked by Daddy's beard, Luke especially! He just waits it out and doesn't laugh out loud until he can not possibly hold it in any longer. Then all his little giggles just have the sweetest little pitch while his dad just tickles his throat with his fuzzy beard.
These boys know their daddy loves them. They know it in the way he plays with them when he wakes them up from their afternoon nap, running crib to crib laughing with them. They know he loves them when he lays on the living room floor, exhausted form a long day at work, and he laughs when they crawl all over his body like he is their own personal playground. And they especially know how much their daddy loves them in the way that their daddy always has time for a little extra love when they need it.

We are all really blessed to have their daddy in our lives.


Michele S said...


That is the cutest picture I've ever seen, them standing out the window looking for their Daddy. They are absolutely ADORABLE! Doesn't it just break your heart when you see a post on TC and they're a single parent? I can't imagine my kids not having their Dad. We are very lucky!

vety the nuts mom said...

"daddy in our lives"...and mommy too!