Sunday, July 16, 2006

Triple Fun Sunday

(l-r) Wyatt, Robert, Jaxon, Noah, Lucas, & Matthew

Do you believe that? All 6 babies sitting still for a picture?

We had Cathy and her trio over this morning! All our boys play so well together. The only issue any seem to have is they know when their parents are not holding one of their own. For an example, last week we went to Cathy's house. Cathy helped us unload the kids from the car, and came in to her house carrying Luke. Robert saw his mommy holding someone new, and immediately decided he wanted his mom to hold him. This week, Don helped Cathy unload her van at our house. Luke saw Don carrying in Cathy's kids, and Luke immediately went to claim Don! Isn't it amazing that at such a young age -and even though each boy has 2 brothers of his own- they still get jealous if their parents hold someone else's kid? Smart little cookies! Anyhow, they get over it after a few minutes. Then play so cute with each other, a bit of peek a boo and sharing toys...yes, even Lucas shared the toys!
Cathy gave them some Fruit Puffs for sitting still for the picture.

Cathy had her boys dressed in these shirts that we just got last weekend (thank you Tony and Lisa!), so for kicks we dressed them the same and headed out to Costco. It was crazy busy at Costco, and so many people couldn't get over there being 2 sets of triplets. Some wondered if they were just one set of sextuplets. Don would be a funny man and tell people that all 6 were Cathy's, which she totally played along with. People every where just "couldn't imagine" having all those babies. It was a lot of fun, people were great, couldn't believe how well behaved all the boys were. On the way out, a woman asked me if it was like a triplet group thing at Costco today. I told her no, that we came together. She then told me there was another set inside! I looked over, and oh my gosh, there was Lea with hers! Lea lives in a nearby town and happened to be at Costco, too. Being it was over 110 degrees outside, we rushed our hellos and took a picture of the nine babies together. How awesome is this?

Yup, a Triple Fun Sunday.

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Wendi said...

What a fun day!!! I have followed both Cathy and Lea's stories on TC. So much fun to see a picture of everyone together!! The kids all look so wonderful! :)