Thursday, July 27, 2006

Day at the Mall

Today Don played hooky from work and we decided to take the kids to the mall. I say, "take the kids" because I have been thinking about how miserable it is being in the house 9/10 of the week and the only place I can think of to go are the little play areas that the malls have for children. We got to the mall at just about the kids lunch time. Ahhh, the food court! I have been in a rut with feeding the boys (it is the same thing all the time) and the food court had a plethora of choices! Hot Dog on a Stick, Mc Donalds, Steak and Potato Factory, Panda Express were all great choices, but the top contender was Kyklo's Greek Cafe. The boys were going to have gyros for the first time today. So we borrowed 3 of the food court high chairs, set the boys up at a table, and let them at the Greek experience. I wouldn't say they loved it, but they did all right. They had some pieces of meat and pita with a side of fries until their little bellies were hard and full. Then it was play time!! There were easily 12 kids in this little round area, all running around like crazed children who have been locked up inside all week (which they probably were). We were a bit hesitant to unleash our babies into this madness, but we carried them in and put them down on the rubber carpeting and let them go at it. The other kids in the area were fantastic with our little ones. No bumping, pushing, and if our kids got in their busy little ways, they were nice enough to hope over our little crawlers. The boys were amazed at all the action going on, the big blue eyes were just open in awe. We could just see their minds absorbing it all and then they decided they were going to climb, too! Up the little cushioned slide they would go, and they didn't slide down it, but they climbed up and down it the whole time.

Afterwards, we decided to look for some summer bargains. I had to drag Don out of the LoveSac store. He and Jaxon were having a bit too much fun. Have you ever seen how gigantic these things are? See how Jaxon looks all sweet and comfortable...

Then see how easily he could be swallowed whole by this family sized Sac! They say FIVE PEOPLE can comfortably sit in this together. For what it costs ($500 without nice cover) it should!
We did find some good deals, but not nearly good enough to make my heart start pumping. We also broke down and bought Crocs. Don needed some simple shoes to just throw on and I needed new flip flops. They are great so far, but my feet are having a hard time adjusting to actually wearing shoes with an arch. I asked Don to break out my foot massager tonight (actually I begged him to rub my feet and he got out the massager). We had a really nice day, the kids were super, and for being there over 4 hours ,we didn't spend much. But I think I will stick with online shopping for the really good, well stocked deals.

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JenMom said...

So glad to see ya'll got out & about. I am finding that it makes a huge difference in the attitudes of my little ones to get out and explore the world a little every day...and this gets easier the older they get. We RARELY even use a stroller these days!