Saturday, July 15, 2006

I love my boys

I love, love, love my boys. I never thought I'd want a boy, let alone 3...But it is the best thing ever.

I love Luke's Joe Cool attitude. He's too busy to be distracted, and he has begun to give these closed mouth smiles when he is humoring me. He is almost 14 months old, and he humors his mom. Who would've thought that was even possible? He will act busy, too busy to notice me calling him, but I see him looking back to make sure I am watching him play. But he's too cool to be concerned with his mom.

Jaxon has Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde symptoms lately. He laughs, then someone makes him angry, so then he throws a temper. He will begin by throwing his toy(s) down on the floor, watch them bounce, repeat and then laugh at the silly bouncing toy. Or he will get angry and roll. He just throws his little body backwards and will roll side to side over and over until he is on the other end of the room. Then he laughs at how far he got.

And Wyatt...hmmm. Wyatt loves to try walking lately. Back and forth to everything. He loves it, big smile on his face, arms flailing out everywhere, feet wide apart, throwing his body towards me to get to me without having to make another step. He and Luke don't play much together, they fight over toys and push each other a bit. But when Luke is up to trouble like climbing on tables, couch, or shelves, Wyatt is right there with him. Monkey see, monkey do is Wyatt.

Those are the boys today. Love them, Love them, Love them, I do.

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