Monday, July 10, 2006

OH.. MY GOSH !!!!

So I am upstairs today, checking the email. I can see the kids downstairs through the windows on the staircase, and they see me. We wave, they laugh, they play. They're all locked in (really caged) into the livingroom. They have all their toys and they're playing nicely with one another. All the sudden I realize it has gotten a bit quiet. I look through the windows and don't see any babies. I hear them, doing something, so I figure they are playing in the toy baskets. Lately they just climb in and sit or stand in them while playing with the other toys on the shelf. So I head downstairs, the closer I get, the more I realize that is not where they are. All 3 boys are in the corner of the room....See for yourself.

Yes, Luke is eating neosporin, with his rear end less than an inch from the edge of the table. Yes, that is Wyatt joyfully going through the diaper bin, looking like he finally found where I hide their brush. And last, yes, that is Jaxon, doing a bad job of "look out" and playing with a bag of wipes instead.

Very scary. I PRAYED I would not regret the extra second and a half it took to grab the camera and take a picture so Don would believe this. I was terrified Luke was going to fall back off that table. Now I laugh, but these stinkers got me today.
For those who are keeping score with me-
Kids-1 Parents-1

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Wendi said...

Can you say MOBILITY!!!! LOL Glad everyone was ok!! Guess what...I GUARANTEE this WON'T be the last time we see a post like this!!!