Thursday, July 20, 2006

Anger, Monkeys & Edible Books

Books are the new favorite thing around here. Right now "Goodnight Moon" is the top book. We have two of this same book, which actually is a good thing. Not only can one teeth on it, the other one can be read at the same time. Luke just grabs a book out of the basket, sits on our laps, and loves it being read to him. Then when the others hear us read the words, they crawl around listening and trying to see (and touch) the book. My mom must have read this book to them 4 or 5 times within 15 minutes today. The last time she read it, Luke would put his head down on every page with a big cheese smile saying "aawww". Then lift his head just enough for the page to be turned. I am not sure where he picked this up, but it was adorable, and he knew it.

Wyatt is still trying to walk. He was doing really well, randomly walking 8 or 9 steps. But he changed his style. Now he walks with both arms up above his head like an monkey and doesn't get as far. Not as much balance, I guess. But he is funny to watch.

Jaxon is still working on his temper. He does this thing where he will be laughing and playing, then playing on his own. He then thinks of something that disturbs him and throws his toy down. If it did not go far, he will do it again. And if anything is close, that gets thrown, too. After the angry face and throwing of toys, he'll look right at me and fall backwards. This is a slow fall, as if he is making sure nothing is behind him, but he's forgotten about the floor. Bump goes his little head, for the fourth time today, on the floor. After he realizes this will get him nowhere, Jax looks for his brothers, laughs at them and goes to play.

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Wendi said...

Love the monkey reference!!! Ours used to walk like little Frankensteins at first.