Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of July

Yesterday was the first 4th of July we had with all 3 boys. We went to my parents neighborhood where they have the best fireworks hands-down then anywhere else in Vegas. They live in a neighborhood that is just one block, it's tucked away so really only the people who live there go through it. Except on the 4th of each year, we are lucky to find a parking spot even in front of their house. This year the BBQ was at Cynthia and Steve's house. We headed over there loaded up with the kids in the wagon, Don lugging a huge watermelon and I had the kids blanket, cooler and camera. When we got there, the food was delicious, there were kids swimming in the pool, and people had grabbed the babies and were guessing who was who.
Once the fireworks started, everyone went out front. We set up the kids superyard and put some toys in it for the kids to play with while the celebrating when on. The boys were totally unfazed by all the booms and cracks that the fireworks made. Jax loved hanging out with his Nana and sat on her lap almost the whole time just watching the fireworks on the street and in the sky. Melissa and Ed came by, too. The fireworks probably lasted about 2 hours, it was just totally kick back and far the best 4th of July we have ever had.


Catch said...

thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.....your babies are darling!!! One of my gf's daughter has twins that are almost a year old, I know how busy she is so I can imagine how busy you are! This blog is so nice!! Great pictures of your precious little ones!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a kick! Your boys are simply the cutest I have ever, seen!!