Monday, July 24, 2006

Diaper Change x 3

Obviously, I have triplets. It is a busy busy busy, but wonderful and fun life. I thought I would write a post and try to get you to understand what 3 babies at once is like. Now let's take changing Baby A, Baby B, and Baby C diapers.

You get Baby A to lay down on the ground between your legs, with the diapers and wipes by your side. You undo the diaper and get ready to wipe only to see that baby B has gotten to the wipes while you were taking off baby A's shorts. You nicely take the wipes back, put them on the other side of you (out of Baby B's range), and get to finishing Baby A's diaper again. Trying to rush now, because Baby B wants those wipes. B starts crawling over baby A's head to get to the wipes you just moved, and Baby C hears the fuss and has come over to see what is going on. But C plays nicely close by with the blocks (Thank Goodness!). So now Baby A is twisting to get out of your grasp, he is angry B just crawled over him, Baby B is throwing a temper because he is not allowed to play with the wipes (after all, he and his brothers just emptied an entire case from the hiding spot this morning and he now wants to try his new found skill). So you compromise and give Baby B a wipe to hold while you finish A. Now A's diaper is all done and wants a wipe because B has one. You are smart, think ahead and give C one, too. Woo hoo! One down.

Now, let's change B. You direct A over to the blocks, B is down on the ground and C is standing, holding on to your back/shoulder while you are undressing B. Baby C wants to cuddle a bit and leans right on you. Very cute, so you give C a kiss on the top of his head just as B screams. Baby A had crawled over with a block and had smacked B in the forehead with his block while you were giving C a kiss. You try to pacify naked B with A's wipe while telling baby A "no hit, that is an owie" and picking him up the best you can (while sitting) to move him out of baby B's eyesight. Then you try to hurry and finish so you can comfort baby B, but baby C is standing on your outstretched leg, holding onto your shoulder trying to get your attention for a close up game of peekaboo. You pick up B, hold him and Baby C close to you for a few seconds until all is well. B decides to give some love and pulls baby Cs ears towards him to give him a kiss.

Okay, on to C. C is now laying on the ground between your legs. A is now off to the otherside playing with the 3 wipes from earlier. While you are taking off C's diaper, B comes up to C's head and starts to give sloppy kisses all over C's forehead. C is not loving it, but tolerating it,then he starts to giggle at it, so all is great. You get back to changing and reach for the wipes, but the wipes are gone! A is over on the side, just barely in your reach trying to get more wipes out. He catches your eye, turns his little body, crawls so his back is to you and he is no longer in your immediate reach. Since you still have C and B to contend with, you contort your body so you can reach the extra 6 inches, and get the wipes back. You are thankful C did not pee during that time of no diaper coverage and get back to wiping. But first you have to stop B from touching C because it has somehow now turned from kissing to forehead butting! You reach in grab one more wipe to distract B, give one to C because he'll want one too. Finish cleaning Baby C all up and then B steals C's wipe. You feel that this is ridiculous, so you go to give C another fresh wipe, stick his diaper on and finally you are done changing three 14 month olds diapers!

Can you guess which baby is A, B and C in the very true story above?

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Brooklyn said...

HUH-LARIOUS! I enjoyed your post. I have 10.5 month old twins and can relate however, it sounds like changing triplet diapers out does my twins! :) I'll think of you next time I'm struggling with their diapers and tell myself it could be worse.