Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Grade!

Holy cow, you little monkeys are in first grade this year! All day in school and in separate classes, too. This morning your dad and I dropped you off, and I told myself I was going to keep it together since I cracked on teacher meet and greet day. No worries, I didn't embarrass you, just left the room under the guise of looking for your wandering brothers :)

Luke, your class freaked me out! No familiar faces in your line, and most the line was GIRLS. 12 girls to 6 boys! I was worried about you making friends -you are such a doll and anytime I think of you it is with the image of your head thrown back laughing- and I was concerned you would be too shy to shine. After school you were so excited, it soothed my concerns for now. Not only did you get to sit with Jessica in lunch (even though she is in a different class), you love your teacher and you did end up recognizing one of the boys from your first class last year. I am excited to see you blossom on your own this year, buddy!

Wyatt, I LOVE your teacher. Her class is so bright and ideal, I wish your brothers had a class like that too. You have a couple friends in your class, including Franki down the street (and did I mention I LOVE your teacher?) and your teacher just seems perfectly suited for you. She sends packets home and I am all about teacher/parent communication. You sang songs in class today as well as played I Spy and Hide and Seek (really, or are you trying to make your brothers jealous?) so it sounds as if your day was a success too!

Jaxon, you got the majority of your friends in your class this year. I am sure you feel right as home amongst all your friends, but I have concerns since you got a teacher that is new to the school, and her classroom was not so cute and she had no packet, but I know I am nitpicking a bit because I worry you got another ineffective teacher. You get bored just doing homework, so I worry she won't be able to keep you inspired and on task for a 6 hour day. Only time will tell, so I will keep a closer eye on you. You are such an independent guy, not worried or hesitant about a new class or all day school. You are always ready to tackle what the bigger kids do, I really admire your strength like that. Get 'em tiger!

As for me, I sat around with your dad today. He called in just so he could be a part of this huge milestone with us. We ran a few errands and ate crab cakes. Then I read a book while he make water balloons for you guys to play with when you got home. Your dad is awesome, you know.

Tomorrow, I will wake up and make you a nice and healthy breakfast, and pack 3 yummy and healthy lunches. I feel like since I don't parent while you are at school I really need to get the meals right for you. Having you guys at school makes me realize it is time to look for direction in my life. I ALWAYS planned on being a mom. But being a mom is no longer a full time job, and I am in unfamilar territory.

Seems like a year of firsts for all of us. Can't wait to see where we end up.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jaxon's First Staples

Seriously- being that this is JAXON, who is "do first, think later" to the tips of his very toes, we are all surprised he has gone this long without any medical interference. Poor love though, no matter how often he squeaked by without any damage, my heart still broke for him today when tears, screams and blood were all very present.

I had just called him up on my bed and he sat down and slammed his body backwards- as to bounce against the mattress- missing the mattress and hitting my iron foot board. He just screamed and I froze, not wanting to freak him out, waiting to see if there was any damage, and just saw lots of blood instead.

He was better by the time our Dr could see us. I was unsure if he even needed stitches, but figured rather be safe than sorry. Once the Dr spelled out staples to me, I sent the Luke and Wyatt out of the office. The last thing Jax needed was his brothers freaking him out with stories of the Dr putting staples on his head. They had already "helped" enough, telling him his head looked "exgussting" (their version of disgusting).

Thankfully, all is better now. Jax saw the picture of the back of his head and said he NEVER wants to see that again.

He is sitting on our cream couch and I am cringing very time he moves his body, afraid he will leave a nice blood mark or ten on the couch back. I better go and put a gauze on it.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

3 New Things

Today was a busy summer day, with three new things.
First, at swim lessons, Wyatt got to join his brothers in Level 3! The boys were all thrilled and swimming lessons quickly took the back seat to what Luke correctly described as "this is like a freakin party!" It was amazing how the dynamics of the boys changed once all three were put in the same class. Makes me realize separate classes for all three is the right choice for them for first grade.

Second, at the fun pool with Michael and Cathryn (Mrs Andi and the girls, too) the kids all decided they wanted to try the diving boards. Luke had done it before at the end of last sessions swim lessons, but it was new to Wyatt and Jaxon. Jax walked right up to the diving boards and decided he was going for the big one (big as a house, he says). We made him do the shorter one to be sure, but he got out determined to do the big board. I think Mike may have been a bit nervous himself, but Jax dragged him to the big diving board and jumped. He walked right to the edge, plugged his nose and covered his eyes, and JUMPED.
Then he did it again and again. Jaxon's passion and love for life constantly amazes and amuses me. The smile on his face when he comes up from the water just makes me smile from the inside out.

Last, is something not so fun, but it is growth all the same. Lucas wanted a shower tonight so we told him to go take one- and he did. This is the first time any of them have shown any interest in their own shower, or doing it all themselves. Luke is generally the first to try something, and he likes to master whatever it is that he is doing. Such a quick learner, that one.

Don worked at 12 1/2 hour day today and by the time he got home it was almost 8 pm. When he got home, the boys all danced around playing their guitars while wearing disguises ranging from a bumble bee head to batmans mask with a cowboy hat on (while wearing only underwear and a super hero cape).

Just the norm for us.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Possibly the l-o-n-g-e-s-t Joke ever

Summertime is full of popsicles. Popsicle with fun jokes on the sticks. With three 6 year olds, these jokes add extra entertainment in both the telling and the punch lines.

Today this is how it went:

Wyatt: I have a joke, everyone listen to me!

What did - what does p-o-l-l-y spell?

Me: Polly

Wyatt: What did Polly the - what does p-a-r-r-o-t spell?

Me: parrot

Wyatt: What did Polly the parrot want on the forth of July?

All of us : What did Polly the parrot want?

Wyatt: A fire -what does c-a-r, I mean c-r-k-e oops. It is c-r-a-c-k-e-r, spell?

Me: cracker

Wyatt: A FIRE CRACKER! Hahaha!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Boys!

Surrounded by the boys friends they have known since they were a tiny 10 months old, and by new friends they have made in school this year, the boys celebrated turning SIX this past weekend.

A campfire celebration is what we called this party, and it didn't start until 6pm. We promised hot dogs, cake and s'mores for food, and I think everyone ate until they couldn't fit anymore food in.

The kids all started out eating Don's grilled dogs and playing on the grass area.

Then we had a big water balloon fight. Don filled over 200 water balloons, and put them in for separate buckets for "stations". The kids all picked a station and went to it!

The energy level was crazy, so much laughing, running and excitement!

After the water balloons were finished and picked up, it was time for CAKE!

And then... S'mores!

As the sun went down, we realized we had some night time toys to pass out. Glow in the dark bracelets were passed out and fashioned into necklaces and even tried as a hula hoop at one point.

One of our guess were getting ready to leave and we remembered to pass out our parting gifts -lighted helicopters. They were so much fun to play with, it kept the party going at least another 45 minutes.

Finally the party was down to Andi and Jens girls, Michele and Gregs kiddos, and the boys. While their parents helped us tear down and pack up, the kids just played and played. I have no idea where they get this energy from -it was well past 9 and they were still going full speed. It had been probably since February since all 10 kids have been together, but they are like their own little set of Las Vegas cousins and didn't miss a beat.

On the drive home I was just filled with such a feeling of being abundantly blessed with so many great friends -old and new- and so glad our boys could be surrounded with so much friendship while celebrating their birthday.

****Things to remember****
This is the first year we had school friends. Each boy was able to invite two friends.

The only child that was not able to attend was due to religious reasons. Other than that, every single other person that we invited, came.

The boys friend from school, Maile, is a sweet and smiley, but silent girl. She talked at the party and the boys have since professed to me that the favorite part of their party was that Maile talked! :)

Jaxon has his first "girl friend". All kinder year through they have been little best buds and when she got the birthday invite, her mom reported Madison as saying, "wild horses couldn't keep her away".

Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 2011

Some of the things that our walls (and Facebook) heard in March/April 2011 3/24 Just showed the boys that I am a secret super hero "Electo Girl". I can make (tiny) lightning bolts come out of my finger (after dragging my feet on the carpet). 4/23 Dear Easter Bunny, Please do not scare us, and don't go upstairs. Do not slam the door. Thank you for the candy! Jaxon, Luke and Wyatt 4/23 Tonight the boys colored eggs in their underwear. We are just matter of fact about our bodies and the boys started talking about their nipples. And what if nickles (HA!) are eyes, that can't see when we have shirts on. It was noted that my nickles would probably have big eyes. LOL. 4/26 I just realized the boys can read the computer over my shoulder. Weird they are there already.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ryder Boyd

My very pregnant sister Leigha and Lucas pretending to be pregnant too!

On March 13,2011 Ryder was born! He was a giant baby, almost 10 lbs! But my sister was a rock star during the delivery and had such poise I was amazed by the beauty of it all.

We are all thrilled to meet the newest member of our family! Welcome Ryder Boyd!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Since he was a baby, Wyatt's mind works very methodically. He has always been able to work patterns and order without any trouble. See that long line of trains in the background? Without a doubt, that is Wyatt's.

His little mind works so quickly, that we wonder if that is where his stuttering comes in play. We know some of it is genetic, but it seems as if his mind is so rushed with what is next, that he can't spit the words out fast enough.

Wyatt is a turkey though, with a hilarious sense of humor. He likes to be in the limelight, and is a tenacious little monkey when it comes to playing with us. He thinks of things (like ice in Daddy's pants when they wrestle) that makes us laugh too much to be able to punish him. I love what he adds to our family.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


These pictures are from when they were sick in December (hence the Christmas tree) -ironically we blew the air mattress up in the living room this past weekend as well

Recently the weather has gotten colder and usually that is a trigger for Wyatt's asthma to act up. A friend of mine suggested that I cut milk from his diet and it has made a huge difference. So big, that we felt confident in our decision to keep him off Singulair. Instead of coughing within a single minute of playing in the cold (under 60 degrees for us in Vegas, ha!) weather, Wyatt can now play in the cold weather with a slight possibility of coughing once or twice after about 15 minutes.

I had inadvertently re-introduced milk one night while making an Alfredo sauce, and the poor guy had a rash all over his torso. To add insult to injury, the next day Vegas winds started up and allergens were all over the place. His body was attacked from the inside out (my fault since we decided on no more Singulair, but I wished I would have remembered to use saline for his nose!) and after trying the breathing treatments and etc at home for a few days, off to the Dr we went.

While Wyatt was at his low, but on his way to feeling better, Jaxon fell sick to some cough or cootie around school. Give it a day or two, and Wyatt is running around like a mad man (the steroids they prescribed combined with the albuterol make him act like a gerbil on crack) and Luke made his way to the sick side.

Luckily (or unluckily) this all happened over the long weekend. As of now Lucas is the only one staying home from school today, and his little face is so red from over use of tissues. Hopefully tomorrow all will be back to normal so I can let these little guys run and play. They are driving me nuts being cooped up in the house for all this time!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Yesterday the boys got to hand out their 75 home made valentines to their class mates. I found the greatest idea here, and the boys were game with it.

Don and I have an agreement to not do presents for each other on most holidays, (not that we don't love each other, but we find it hard to enjoy the gift when we could have used the money elsewhere). Don is awesome and still got me a box of Dove chocolates, but then I felt a bit bad. I saw the perfect idea online about a half hour before I had to get the kids out of school.

I got my craft started, and then had to stop to get the boys from school. They each came home with a brown bag filled to the brim with sweet treats. Leaving them to have their "snack" of sweets, I ran upstairs to make this.

While I was upstairs, the boys did this...

No wonder they were so quiet :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Weird Family Language

There are a few things that the boys mispronounce that I just don't have the heart to fix. Hear are our definitions:

Coffee- As in don't coffee me! Or Mom, Luke is coffeeing me. Haha, Mom, I am coffee-ing you!

Bazzert- A special treat sometimes given after dinner. Also known as dessert in most conversations.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Super Jaxon

There is no doubt in Jaxon's mind. It is an absolute.

He is a Super Hero.

He has super hero healing powers. He has super hearing. He calls the Justice League on whatever device he knows will get him through.

(He said he's in the Bat Cage) haha!

He wears his cape (or Bat Man Halloween costume) when ever he can. And the mask if he can find it.

Five is so cool!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catching up

Wow, it has been months since I have taken effort with my blog. Not sure why, although the boys are "big boys" and all now, this age has been so much fun -with plenty of stories to share.

I am getting back on track, slowly but surely. I have put some new entries in starting in October (catching up on Halloween and all) and will continue until I am up to date.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Facebook Updates

Sometimes things happen in the house that is not much of a blog post by itself, but makes for a good update on Facebook. Here are some recent ones...

DEC 6th
Luke is going around making up words and telling me they are spanish. Brothers in spanish = gula-jaz-ia. I am so glad he is around to teach me "spanish"...

This is what Wyatt gives me to work with for Christmas pictures... FANTASTIC!

DEC 16th
Don has the boys helping him cook chocolate covered strawberries as a "surprise" for me. Yes, I already know -can't hide it when the chocolate smells heavenly. The real surprise will be if they continue this peacefully :)

DEC 20th
We just got home and it only took 3 minutes for 1) drop and break a jar of jelly on the kitchen floor 2) quickly run kids and dog upstairs to keep them from the glass 3)the (big) dog peed in our room and 4) give the kids a shower in the dark because the lights don't want to work in the kids bathroom.

DEC 22nd
The boys are tired of the 4 days of cloudy skies. They decided we need to move to another state.

DEC 29th
Cooking dinner while grooving to some Black Eyed Peas. Wyatt saw me dancing and said, "Shake your thing, love!" and turned around to shake HIS thing.

DEC 30th
My poor little lovies are all sick in their own way. I am going to start charting out medicine just to keep track of who has what, and when. Feels like the old days...

JAN 7th
Laughed so hard tonight watching as Wyatt tried to throw a temper tantrum. He had no idea what to do, he just knew he was mad. He ended up laughing inbetween bouts of anger. Made me realize my boys have NEVER thrown a temper. They don't even know how....

JAN 16th
Had a visit from a *thankfully friendly* police officer today. Wyatt thought it was hilarious to call 911 while wrestling with Don. Well, hilarious until we told him the police were on their way.