Monday, July 31, 2006

Daddy's Boys

These boys LOVE their daddy! In our house, da-da is the main phrase. Jax occasionally yells out "daaaah" in a "where are you dad, I am looking for you" way. This is when Don is not even home. "Da-da, da-da" is spoken hundreds of times during the day. While they are eating or playing, Luke will occasionally just look towards the front door, "da".
When Daddy gets home and it is playtime, the boys giggle and shriek when Daddy plays
chase with them. Wyatt crawls right to his dad, meeting him head on and daring his daddy to get him. Luke runs away so fast his little body can't keep up with his legs and he looks like he will topple right over. But he keeps looking back over his shoulder to be sure his dad is following right behind. And Jaxon crawls away quickly, but keeps his dad in his sites, giggling and taunting his daddy that he is too far to be caught. But then when he wants to be captured, he just lays down and waits for the kisses. And the kisses do come! They all love to be ticked by Daddy's beard, Luke especially! He just waits it out and doesn't laugh out loud until he can not possibly hold it in any longer. Then all his little giggles just have the sweetest little pitch while his dad just tickles his throat with his fuzzy beard.
These boys know their daddy loves them. They know it in the way he plays with them when he wakes them up from their afternoon nap, running crib to crib laughing with them. They know he loves them when he lays on the living room floor, exhausted form a long day at work, and he laughs when they crawl all over his body like he is their own personal playground. And they especially know how much their daddy loves them in the way that their daddy always has time for a little extra love when they need it.

We are all really blessed to have their daddy in our lives.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Day at the Mall

Today Don played hooky from work and we decided to take the kids to the mall. I say, "take the kids" because I have been thinking about how miserable it is being in the house 9/10 of the week and the only place I can think of to go are the little play areas that the malls have for children. We got to the mall at just about the kids lunch time. Ahhh, the food court! I have been in a rut with feeding the boys (it is the same thing all the time) and the food court had a plethora of choices! Hot Dog on a Stick, Mc Donalds, Steak and Potato Factory, Panda Express were all great choices, but the top contender was Kyklo's Greek Cafe. The boys were going to have gyros for the first time today. So we borrowed 3 of the food court high chairs, set the boys up at a table, and let them at the Greek experience. I wouldn't say they loved it, but they did all right. They had some pieces of meat and pita with a side of fries until their little bellies were hard and full. Then it was play time!! There were easily 12 kids in this little round area, all running around like crazed children who have been locked up inside all week (which they probably were). We were a bit hesitant to unleash our babies into this madness, but we carried them in and put them down on the rubber carpeting and let them go at it. The other kids in the area were fantastic with our little ones. No bumping, pushing, and if our kids got in their busy little ways, they were nice enough to hope over our little crawlers. The boys were amazed at all the action going on, the big blue eyes were just open in awe. We could just see their minds absorbing it all and then they decided they were going to climb, too! Up the little cushioned slide they would go, and they didn't slide down it, but they climbed up and down it the whole time.

Afterwards, we decided to look for some summer bargains. I had to drag Don out of the LoveSac store. He and Jaxon were having a bit too much fun. Have you ever seen how gigantic these things are? See how Jaxon looks all sweet and comfortable...

Then see how easily he could be swallowed whole by this family sized Sac! They say FIVE PEOPLE can comfortably sit in this together. For what it costs ($500 without nice cover) it should!
We did find some good deals, but not nearly good enough to make my heart start pumping. We also broke down and bought Crocs. Don needed some simple shoes to just throw on and I needed new flip flops. They are great so far, but my feet are having a hard time adjusting to actually wearing shoes with an arch. I asked Don to break out my foot massager tonight (actually I begged him to rub my feet and he got out the massager). We had a really nice day, the kids were super, and for being there over 4 hours ,we didn't spend much. But I think I will stick with online shopping for the really good, well stocked deals.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Diaper Change x 3

Obviously, I have triplets. It is a busy busy busy, but wonderful and fun life. I thought I would write a post and try to get you to understand what 3 babies at once is like. Now let's take changing Baby A, Baby B, and Baby C diapers.

You get Baby A to lay down on the ground between your legs, with the diapers and wipes by your side. You undo the diaper and get ready to wipe only to see that baby B has gotten to the wipes while you were taking off baby A's shorts. You nicely take the wipes back, put them on the other side of you (out of Baby B's range), and get to finishing Baby A's diaper again. Trying to rush now, because Baby B wants those wipes. B starts crawling over baby A's head to get to the wipes you just moved, and Baby C hears the fuss and has come over to see what is going on. But C plays nicely close by with the blocks (Thank Goodness!). So now Baby A is twisting to get out of your grasp, he is angry B just crawled over him, Baby B is throwing a temper because he is not allowed to play with the wipes (after all, he and his brothers just emptied an entire case from the hiding spot this morning and he now wants to try his new found skill). So you compromise and give Baby B a wipe to hold while you finish A. Now A's diaper is all done and wants a wipe because B has one. You are smart, think ahead and give C one, too. Woo hoo! One down.

Now, let's change B. You direct A over to the blocks, B is down on the ground and C is standing, holding on to your back/shoulder while you are undressing B. Baby C wants to cuddle a bit and leans right on you. Very cute, so you give C a kiss on the top of his head just as B screams. Baby A had crawled over with a block and had smacked B in the forehead with his block while you were giving C a kiss. You try to pacify naked B with A's wipe while telling baby A "no hit, that is an owie" and picking him up the best you can (while sitting) to move him out of baby B's eyesight. Then you try to hurry and finish so you can comfort baby B, but baby C is standing on your outstretched leg, holding onto your shoulder trying to get your attention for a close up game of peekaboo. You pick up B, hold him and Baby C close to you for a few seconds until all is well. B decides to give some love and pulls baby Cs ears towards him to give him a kiss.

Okay, on to C. C is now laying on the ground between your legs. A is now off to the otherside playing with the 3 wipes from earlier. While you are taking off C's diaper, B comes up to C's head and starts to give sloppy kisses all over C's forehead. C is not loving it, but tolerating it,then he starts to giggle at it, so all is great. You get back to changing and reach for the wipes, but the wipes are gone! A is over on the side, just barely in your reach trying to get more wipes out. He catches your eye, turns his little body, crawls so his back is to you and he is no longer in your immediate reach. Since you still have C and B to contend with, you contort your body so you can reach the extra 6 inches, and get the wipes back. You are thankful C did not pee during that time of no diaper coverage and get back to wiping. But first you have to stop B from touching C because it has somehow now turned from kissing to forehead butting! You reach in grab one more wipe to distract B, give one to C because he'll want one too. Finish cleaning Baby C all up and then B steals C's wipe. You feel that this is ridiculous, so you go to give C another fresh wipe, stick his diaper on and finally you are done changing three 14 month olds diapers!

Can you guess which baby is A, B and C in the very true story above?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Anger, Monkeys & Edible Books

Books are the new favorite thing around here. Right now "Goodnight Moon" is the top book. We have two of this same book, which actually is a good thing. Not only can one teeth on it, the other one can be read at the same time. Luke just grabs a book out of the basket, sits on our laps, and loves it being read to him. Then when the others hear us read the words, they crawl around listening and trying to see (and touch) the book. My mom must have read this book to them 4 or 5 times within 15 minutes today. The last time she read it, Luke would put his head down on every page with a big cheese smile saying "aawww". Then lift his head just enough for the page to be turned. I am not sure where he picked this up, but it was adorable, and he knew it.

Wyatt is still trying to walk. He was doing really well, randomly walking 8 or 9 steps. But he changed his style. Now he walks with both arms up above his head like an monkey and doesn't get as far. Not as much balance, I guess. But he is funny to watch.

Jaxon is still working on his temper. He does this thing where he will be laughing and playing, then playing on his own. He then thinks of something that disturbs him and throws his toy down. If it did not go far, he will do it again. And if anything is close, that gets thrown, too. After the angry face and throwing of toys, he'll look right at me and fall backwards. This is a slow fall, as if he is making sure nothing is behind him, but he's forgotten about the floor. Bump goes his little head, for the fourth time today, on the floor. After he realizes this will get him nowhere, Jax looks for his brothers, laughs at them and goes to play.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lots of Pictures

Here are some pictures from the past 2 days I thought we'd share just to let you know what the boys have been up to.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Monday, July 17, 2006

Funny Post

I just read one of the funniest posts I had read in a while... I just have to share it. It is a peek into a wonderful day another triplet family of boys had yesterday. The Mazers: From the Sea to the Pee. Enjoy a good laugh, but go with the knowledge it talks about poop, pee, and toddler boys!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Triple Fun Sunday

(l-r) Wyatt, Robert, Jaxon, Noah, Lucas, & Matthew

Do you believe that? All 6 babies sitting still for a picture?

We had Cathy and her trio over this morning! All our boys play so well together. The only issue any seem to have is they know when their parents are not holding one of their own. For an example, last week we went to Cathy's house. Cathy helped us unload the kids from the car, and came in to her house carrying Luke. Robert saw his mommy holding someone new, and immediately decided he wanted his mom to hold him. This week, Don helped Cathy unload her van at our house. Luke saw Don carrying in Cathy's kids, and Luke immediately went to claim Don! Isn't it amazing that at such a young age -and even though each boy has 2 brothers of his own- they still get jealous if their parents hold someone else's kid? Smart little cookies! Anyhow, they get over it after a few minutes. Then play so cute with each other, a bit of peek a boo and sharing toys...yes, even Lucas shared the toys!
Cathy gave them some Fruit Puffs for sitting still for the picture.

Cathy had her boys dressed in these shirts that we just got last weekend (thank you Tony and Lisa!), so for kicks we dressed them the same and headed out to Costco. It was crazy busy at Costco, and so many people couldn't get over there being 2 sets of triplets. Some wondered if they were just one set of sextuplets. Don would be a funny man and tell people that all 6 were Cathy's, which she totally played along with. People every where just "couldn't imagine" having all those babies. It was a lot of fun, people were great, couldn't believe how well behaved all the boys were. On the way out, a woman asked me if it was like a triplet group thing at Costco today. I told her no, that we came together. She then told me there was another set inside! I looked over, and oh my gosh, there was Lea with hers! Lea lives in a nearby town and happened to be at Costco, too. Being it was over 110 degrees outside, we rushed our hellos and took a picture of the nine babies together. How awesome is this?

Yup, a Triple Fun Sunday.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I love my boys

I love, love, love my boys. I never thought I'd want a boy, let alone 3...But it is the best thing ever.

I love Luke's Joe Cool attitude. He's too busy to be distracted, and he has begun to give these closed mouth smiles when he is humoring me. He is almost 14 months old, and he humors his mom. Who would've thought that was even possible? He will act busy, too busy to notice me calling him, but I see him looking back to make sure I am watching him play. But he's too cool to be concerned with his mom.

Jaxon has Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde symptoms lately. He laughs, then someone makes him angry, so then he throws a temper. He will begin by throwing his toy(s) down on the floor, watch them bounce, repeat and then laugh at the silly bouncing toy. Or he will get angry and roll. He just throws his little body backwards and will roll side to side over and over until he is on the other end of the room. Then he laughs at how far he got.

And Wyatt...hmmm. Wyatt loves to try walking lately. Back and forth to everything. He loves it, big smile on his face, arms flailing out everywhere, feet wide apart, throwing his body towards me to get to me without having to make another step. He and Luke don't play much together, they fight over toys and push each other a bit. But when Luke is up to trouble like climbing on tables, couch, or shelves, Wyatt is right there with him. Monkey see, monkey do is Wyatt.

Those are the boys today. Love them, Love them, Love them, I do.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Old News

So we googled ourselves...yeah I know. But we have to clean house and are procrastinating. Anyhow, this article pops up. It's from April, but still, awwww.

Summerlin Hospital's smallest patients, known as Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) babies recently participated in the Hospital's 2nd Annual NICU Reunion Celebration. NICU triplets were among more than 300 people who participated in the event and spent the day visitng with other families they met during their stay in the Hospital's NICU.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The boys have so many different faces lately. They are trying out different parts of their developing personalities. But it is so interesting to watch the emotions they feel trying to get across their face.




Monday, July 10, 2006

OH.. MY GOSH !!!!

So I am upstairs today, checking the email. I can see the kids downstairs through the windows on the staircase, and they see me. We wave, they laugh, they play. They're all locked in (really caged) into the livingroom. They have all their toys and they're playing nicely with one another. All the sudden I realize it has gotten a bit quiet. I look through the windows and don't see any babies. I hear them, doing something, so I figure they are playing in the toy baskets. Lately they just climb in and sit or stand in them while playing with the other toys on the shelf. So I head downstairs, the closer I get, the more I realize that is not where they are. All 3 boys are in the corner of the room....See for yourself.

Yes, Luke is eating neosporin, with his rear end less than an inch from the edge of the table. Yes, that is Wyatt joyfully going through the diaper bin, looking like he finally found where I hide their brush. And last, yes, that is Jaxon, doing a bad job of "look out" and playing with a bag of wipes instead.

Very scary. I PRAYED I would not regret the extra second and a half it took to grab the camera and take a picture so Don would believe this. I was terrified Luke was going to fall back off that table. Now I laugh, but these stinkers got me today.
For those who are keeping score with me-
Kids-1 Parents-1

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Then and Now

We decided it was time to get rid of the "old" carseats. But first, we need to take one more picture of the boys in the car seats. Take a look at how it used to be...

2 1/2 months old

Almost 5 months old

9 months old

13 months old

Thursday, July 06, 2006

A few videos...

I haven't shown a video in a while, so here are a few tonight. The first is of Don "arresting the boys". The video doesn't show the true hilarity of it...usually all 3 stop what they are doing and crawl quickly to the couch to put their head down on it-smiling the whole way! But we can only do about 30 second videos as of yet, so you'll have to wait for the full long version. Notice toward the end when Jaxon has a huge smile when he gets "handcuffed". He loves this game! Hopefully not an omen, lol.

Second, this video is of Luke walking. I love the unsteady balance of Luke while he is learning to walk. He had big smiles for us tonight, he was in a very playful mood!

Third and last, another movie of Luke. This is a toy called Ducky shared with them from their cousin Natalie. They love this Duck, especially Lucas. Watch...

Wyatt Walking??

Lately Don and I have been sitting in a "V" facing each other, feet touching. We will have Wyatt in between our legs and hold his arms while he walks to me, then Don, to me, then Don....over and over again. He loves this, just chuckles the whole time, and turns his little body himself to go in the opposite direction. Tonight he was playing by the little gym wall and started walking right towards where Don and I were sitting on the floor. 5 or 6 steps! Then down he went... I tried to get him to do it again -for the video camera- but he would fall, and then have a temper. Head banging on the carpet temper. Not sure if he is just tired, or if he will grow up to be an over achiever, lol.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of July

Yesterday was the first 4th of July we had with all 3 boys. We went to my parents neighborhood where they have the best fireworks hands-down then anywhere else in Vegas. They live in a neighborhood that is just one block, it's tucked away so really only the people who live there go through it. Except on the 4th of each year, we are lucky to find a parking spot even in front of their house. This year the BBQ was at Cynthia and Steve's house. We headed over there loaded up with the kids in the wagon, Don lugging a huge watermelon and I had the kids blanket, cooler and camera. When we got there, the food was delicious, there were kids swimming in the pool, and people had grabbed the babies and were guessing who was who.
Once the fireworks started, everyone went out front. We set up the kids superyard and put some toys in it for the kids to play with while the celebrating when on. The boys were totally unfazed by all the booms and cracks that the fireworks made. Jax loved hanging out with his Nana and sat on her lap almost the whole time just watching the fireworks on the street and in the sky. Melissa and Ed came by, too. The fireworks probably lasted about 2 hours, it was just totally kick back and far the best 4th of July we have ever had.