Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I know, they're only 14 months old and already they are showing signs of independence? No one warned me about this. I knew they grew up fast, but jeez, no time to snuggle, or pushing a brother away because the toy is suddenly only made for one person at a time? Don and I were talking last night and realized they are not babies anymore, they are inching their way into toddlerhood.
Luke is walking around now, all the time. No more crawling for this little guy. Not only is he walking all the time, he stands up to take a swig out of his sippy. He also has claimed a corner in the living room as his own lounge. We have put two pillows to make it a bit more comfortable, and he lounges there when he decides he needs "alone time". Seriously, the kid leans back and just watches everyone with a look on his face like "what a bunch of whacks". I thought this wouldn't happen until he was about 11?
Jaxon can't be independent. He has too much fun playing with his brothers. The only thing he will do alone is lay on the floor and roll around until Wyatt notices and come over to kiss on him. He has finally began getting brave enough to walk. Jax will hold on to our finger and walk around a bit, but he is a little man who knows his limits. He will only do what he is ready for, no more and no less. Which we find very surprising being that he has always seemed the rough houser and daredevil (if you can say that of a one year old) of the group. Jax has a wonderful little stinker of a laugh and he just loves to learn things. Right now the new baby trick is "Hut,hut, hike" He will stick his little bottom in the air, legs spread, and pass anything through his legs to his dad.
Wyatt has shown his recently gained independence by absolutely refusing to share any toys, unless it s his idea, or is someone else's toy to begin with. Then he shares long enough to claim it, then throws a fit when the other poor kid tries to play with the toy that was originally his. He is starting to walk from object to object on his own. No more monkey walk, now it's the real deal. And Wyatt has become genius of the week. He is able to take the 8 stacking blocks and nestle them all together, quickly, on his own.
And this is the new group skill, climbing up the stairs for nap time. Our little babies are growing up so fast.


Wendi said...

I love all the new pictures!!! Especially the first one...sharing the link.

Teresa said...

I'm new to your site and boy is it CUTE! Your little boys are adorable!!! I have twin 21 month old boys and I recognize a lot of the PJs you have in your pictures. I love the pic of your boys sitting in the bookshelves like that's what it's meant for.

I look forward to reading more about your 3 little cuties. They definitely grow up too QUICKLY!

Heather & Jeremy said...

I thought I told you before that once they start moving they don't want to be held anymore (that much) and they are always on the go. I try to hold mine and kiss them and they say "let me go" because they have something they MUST do! When your cooking dinner, vacuuming and answering the phone then they want you to hold them, haha!