Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

For months we have been trying to put off getting our boys little blond locks cut. There is no way we wanted to get those little curls clipped off. We knew this was a huge milestone, one we could never go back from, so we delayed it any way we could. We even tried slicking back the sides, but it was just getting too messy. So when people had begun to ask if they were "a boy and 2 girls", we had come to realization that it was definitely time to get the boys first hair cut.

So finally I asked my stylist, Nanette if she could do their hair. Nanette has been doing my hair for years, I love her! She's been with me during our home purchases (both houses) and remodeling, painting, flooring, and decorations. We'd chat about the new projects, and always talk about Don and my baby quest during the years of infertility. And when I got pregnant and was house bound, she came to me to give me a trim and help me feel a bit better about feeling like a beached whale. And didn't charge! So it meant the world to me that she would be part of such a milestone for the same babies she had helped me pray for.

Once we got to the salon, the kids were pretty good. My mom was able to come and give us a hand, and they love being held by their Nana. The boys were in the choo choo wagon, all waiting their turns. Luke went first, and gave us almost no trouble. We decided to keep the length on the top of his hair. I have to mention he never lost this top hair when the rest all fell out. So I wanted to keep the "original" hair as much as possible. Now he's a styling little boy!

Jaxon went next, and by now Aunt Leigha had come to join us. He was a bit wiggly towards the end, but Leigha's coolSobe drink next to his face was very soothing, and he stayed still like a little mannequin. For Jaxon's hair, we went a bit spiky at the top. His is the most changed, I think. He has such a beautiful golden color to his hair that is harder to see when it is so short. But his hair cut totally matches his personality.

Last, it was Wyatt's turn. The other two were over the whole salon experience and getting a bit impatient, so Nana took them outside for a walk. Wyatt started out well, but was also losing his patience after a little while. His cut didn't go as easily as the other two, but he still did okay. I think he was fighting the idea of his beautiful baby curls being cut off! Fortunately for all of us who love his curls, Nanette thinks they are here to stay, not just baby curls. We went short on the sides and back for Wyatt, so he is still curly on the top. Leigha says it is like Justin Timberlake. Ah, Justin has got nothing over Wyatt!

I think the cut went better than expected, and for all 3, it didn't even take a full hour. We love all their cuts, they are perfect for each boys personality. BUT the only issue we now have is that it is very obvious that our babies are now into toddler-hood!


Wendi said...

What adorable haircuts!!!

Auntie leigha said...

SO CUTE!! They need to be in T.V., seriously!!! Can you please e-mail me the pics of me with them for that day? Much thanks. Kisses to the boys =) MUAH!