Monday, August 07, 2006

Fun Friday!

We had such a busy Friday and Saturday! On Friday, I decided to take the kids out to Costco and pick up some goodies like meat and milk. But on the way to Costco, we would be driving right by Nana's neighborhood. So we called to invite Nana, and she said she would LOVE to join us. Then Don got out of work early and met us there, too. We did all our shopping, followed Don's car home and put the kids down for a nap. When they woke up, Don showed Jaxon the airplanes out of the window. Jax loved them, and would make sounds when he couldn't find another one. Don and I decided we would take the kids to a park near the airport so the boys could check out airplanes close up! Cathy was online, so we let her know our plans and invited her to join us. We left the house, grabbed some McDonalds, and met Cathy and her kids at the park. After the kids ate, we let them out of their seats and they were everywhere. Since they were little, they've had no tolerance of long grass on their toes, hands or knees, so we thought they would stay on the blanket. No such luck... they were walking off, crawling off, just wanting to explore all they could. Luckily (for us parents) it was getting dark and it was time to pack it all in. I am not so sure we will be able
to do this again without the play yard, or double the amount of adults. But they were so cute to watch, all the boys just wanted to explore! Saturday we had the opportunity to try out an hour of Gymboree with the kids for free. For those who do not know, Gymboree is an indoor play area for toddlers. Lots of bright padding, little padded steps to climb, padded tunnels to go through. Bright padding everywhere. There were about 15 kids total, and each child had at least one parent with them. The idea is to have some structured time where the instructor will tell you to have your child go through this little baby obstacle course, then you have a few minutes of play time after. Then onto the next obstacle. Don would try Wyatt on the little steps, while I would hold onto the other two. Then I would pass Luke to him, and try Jax. Then he would give Wyatt back to me and give Lucas a chance. Do you see the pattern here? I think mom and dad got more of a workout passing the kids back and forth to each other. Then there was parachute time, and Nana and Pops showed up. Luke wasn't so impressed with the parachute, so I handed him over to Nana and let Jaxon and Wyatt be wowed by the parachute colors and bubbles that were being blown. Soon the whole thing was over, and suddenly, our kids wanted to crawl up things. Finally they were warmed up and ready to roll. Wyatt and Jaxon were crawling up things that were not even padded (gasp) I am assuming older toddlers used these, but our little 14 month olds were crawling up and down these slides like they were little pros.

I really wish we had take some pictures! Afterwards, we went to Jesses Pizza for lunch with Pops and Nana. Stayed about an hour, let the kids chew on some pizza crusts and headed on out. Off to the Outlet mall!
Last week we realized we were in need of some great deals for summer clothes for next year. But we didn't find anything at the mall. We were also hoping to find some cute clothes to put the boys in for their pictures the next day. Childrens Place, Carters and Little Me all had great sales going on, so we got some tee shirts, pajamas, and polos for next year. We also found the cute picture outfits and even got a deal on a few new winter clothes. It was almost 6 o'clock before we had gotten home. Then it was time for dinner, baths, bottles and bed. But from the pictures to the side, you can see they were just loving on each other before bedtime.


Anonymous said...

You like kids? Well if you do read my stories. Cause thats what boys write if they are 12.

R.L.STINE said...

Your baies are pretty cuddly, but it's pretty annoying when you have to switch their diapers.