Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Manners Vent

So today was a wonderful day of firsts, which includes the lemon photos of the kids on the side. But first I'm going to vent a little about the manners, or I should say lack of manners that I witnessed today.

My mom, sister, Don, the babies and I headed to Olive Garden for dinner tonight. The wait was supposed to be 20 minutes, turned into a half hour or so. We are all standing, Don is holding Jaxon, I am holding Wyatt, and my mom is holding Luke. Don runs back out to the car, so I am standing there, in the waiting area, holding two 20+ lb babies. Now this is not so unusual. We multiple moms are used to holding lots of babies at once, but what I couldn't get over, is that not one single person there offered me a seat. There are like 12 seats lined against the walls. Young kids, moms, dads, NO ONE even offered. There is lady standing next to me, using 2 crutches. And not one person offered their seat to her, either. So Don comes back in, I hand Jax back over, and we wait for a while, seats come open, we have a seat. I let the crutches lady know there is an open seat to the side. After a little bit longer we got seated at our table, and the manager comes over and lets us know he will comp the babies food for the wait (how nice is that?). We never even complained!
Dinner was terrific. It was nice to catch up with my sister. We don't see each other nearly enough. The kids behaved, they even tried lemons, all our food was great, and no one interrupted us about the babies. It was time to pay the check and Don was waiting for the server to collect our bill. I headed out with the two babies in each arm again, with my mom only a minute behind. Again the lobby was full. People looking at me, wondering if I had twins while I am just trying to get to the doors. The doors that no one even opened for me. I have two babies in my arms people, open the stinking door for goodness sakes! Luckily it is a push door, so I just turned around and pushed it with my back and opened it and the one behind it and loaded the kids in the car.
What in the world happened to teaching kids manners? Why did not one single man, woman, or child reach for the door. Am I already so old that I need to compare to when I was a kid and loved to get a "Thank you" from a stranger? Why did not one parent there feel the need to teach their child common courtesy? What if the door didn't push, would I just have to actually ask someone to be kind enough to help a woman out?

I will just take this experience as a lesson to teach my children the kindness of helping others. And also they will learn about the joy they will bring to others- as well as feel themselves- when they are thanked and their actions are appreciated.

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