Sunday, August 20, 2006

Weekend Update

Wyatt, Pops, Jaxon, Nana and Lucas on Saturday

This weekend we stayed in just about the whole time. It was nice and relaxing, just watching the kids playing. Seeing them do new things they have learned amazes Don and I. It makes us realize that their little minds are just soaking everything in. Each of the boys are doing sign language now. They sign baby, hat, shoes, more, fish, where, please, and a few others. "Hat" they will do as soon as it's said, I think it's their favorite. For the rest of the words, they are signed usually by imitation of what they are watching on Baby Signing Time. We have recently installed the dual DVD player in the backseat and put in the Signing Time DVD. It has been a sanity saver when we have been out past nap time and the troops get restless.

The boys also still love to play with the stacking toys they had gotten as a gift for Christmas. They will stack and nest the blocks over and over again. But our favorite thing to watch is the boys playing with one another. Jax and Wyatt love to play chase, and lately Luke has been joining in on the peek-a-boo games. Luke also had a baby spoon in the living room the other day and was trying to "feed" his brothers with it. He has been very nurturing towards Jaxon and Wyatt lately. A very loving streak that has been so sweet to watch.

Unfortunately, Wyatt has learned about hitting his brothers to get what he wants. This is directly on the heals of Jaxon finally learning not to hit. So when Wyatt hits Jaxon, Jaxon headbutts Wyatt. We are not sure what to do about this. I have to admit, I am just pleased Jax doesn't just turn and hit Wyatt back, but I know headbutting is not a solution either. For now, we will just work on Wyatt not hitting.


JenMom said...

We LOVE Signing Time!!! I cannot tell you how awesome it has been for us. Keep it up!!

Michele S said...


The boys look so BIG with their new big-boy hair! I love it!