Friday, August 11, 2006

Water Fun

On Tuesday, the kids had a fun play date with our old neighbor Melissa and her kids. She told me about this little water park nearby, and we went this past Wednesday evening. I think it was way more fun than Don and I thought it would be. We really didn't know how the kids would react or if we'd have to chase them, etc. The kids were done only after 15 minutes, but they had lots of fun- Luke especially. He was walking all over the place, loving the water coming down on him. Both he and Jax were in the water the whole time, while Wyatt just stayed off a bit to the side for the most part. We think this will become a regular place for us!

(Click and then scroll your mouse over pic for description)


Auntie Leigha said...

That is so stinkin' cute!!!! SO CHUUUTE!!!! I love this little blog thing you got going!!! LOVE YOU

Heather & Jeremy said...

Looks like the kids had fun at that water park. We took Matthew there when he was little and he liked it. Cute pics!

redheads said...

Looks like your kids had fun. WE have one like that in our town but my youngest doesn't like it, the middle one also doesn't like getting water in her face... she would much prefer to swim and get all wet at once.
THanks for veiwing my blog!