Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Treasures

Don brought home more treasures for the boys. Anyone who knows my husband knows that he is a very outgoing, friendly, and talkative person. There is a gift in his family lineage that I fondly call the "gift of gab". Don and his mother, uncles, and as far back as their father were all blessed with this gift, and I hope it is a gift that has been passed down to our boys, too. Don's family just starts up chatter with whom ever is around, about what ever they may be doing. Don is a big time gabber. Big time. To the point of if he had to get something at the store , I would specifically have to ask him "please do not talk to anyone" in order for him to get back on any sort of reasonable timetable.
Don is a friendly gabber. Most everyone who knows him knows that first and foremost about him. Don builds relationships with many of his customers. I have no idea how this is possible. Even though my husband is a garbage man, I do not go out an chat with the garbage men when I hear them coming. It is way too hot to go outside, let alone the fact that I know these guys just want to get their jobs done and go home to their air conditioned houses. But not Don. He has customers that are completely delighted with him. He'll show them pictures of his boys and give people updates regularly. He has many customers who have bought the boys clothes, and one nice couple -that Don like us to go visit- even knitted each boy a nice heavy twin size blanket!
Many ask him if he needs baby things when they are no longer in use. Lucky for us, in the past 6 weeks, two of his customers had outdoor play areas that aren't getting anymore use. When they saw Don, they asked him if we'd like to take the play toys. So when work was over, he drove to their house and picked up these newfound treasures for the boys. The boys love it!


Wendi said...

I'd tell Don to KEEP ON TALKIN'!!!! What awesome stuff. I know your guys will enjoy everything as much as my guys do. :)

Michele S said...

I love it! Good job Don! I'm glad to see we're both into "recycling". We know our garbage men. Doesn't everybody? Greg's usually waiting out front for them, with water or sodas.

It's a good thing I didn't marry Don, with the way I talk, or we'd never get out of the store, and our children would have no food or clothes! But let me warn you, my kids never, and I mean NEVER shutup! You just wait! hahahahahahahahaha

Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

Ohhh ... I love LOVE all the toys. The boys are going to have such a great time with all that stuff!!! What's even better is that you picked them up for free!!! See, it totally pays off (big time!) to be nice and talk to people!!! Way to go, Don!

BTW - our kids would love Don. We stand outside every Monday morning and wave to the garbage truck as it drives down the street.

I posted some information on my blog regarding the charity that I've been helping to support with baby blankets and supplies. The information is at the far bottom of my post with hyperlinks to other blogs where you can get more details. Hope that helps! :)

Teresa said...

I KNOW i've been to your site before, but I think I lost the link. Now I've got you bookmarked!!

Your boys are absolutely adorable!! Kudos to your hubby! He sounds hilarious! As Jen@amazingtrips said also, we LOVE to wave to the garbage truck...they even toot the horn at them. They love it! Kindness does go a LONG way!

Have fun with the new treasures! I'm sure they will get a LOT of use out of them!