Saturday, August 12, 2006

Saturday Wife

Today we spent just about the entire day with our "Saturday Wife". First thing this am, she meets us at Sam's Club, her three in tow. We go down just about every aisle, even the tool aisles for Don, and ask one another what they thought of this, or ask if you'd ever try that. We decide to try somethings like baked apples, and will compare notes on it later. The shopping is all done. We head out to the cars, load all the kids in, she gives us some movies she made for us, and we head our separate ways.

Then about an hour later, we are at our respective homes, kids are napping, and we start chatting online. Somewhere in here we decide we just may have it in us to have one more outing. Back and forth we go, trying to make each other decide if we should go tonight or tomorrow. We turn to Don, even ask her daughter. Finally she decides, it's on. We'll meet in about an hour.

We call each other a couple times on the way to double check how far are you now, where should we park, have the kids eaten dinner yet. Unload all the kids, walk over to the mall, grab some dinner for us and pizza for all the kids. We share the pizza, trying to cut the hard crust with the little plastic forks and knives. The kids are like little animals, just chewing it all down and letting us know when they need more. They're all done, we clean up the table and get the strollers on the go. Lots of stores had back to school sales, so we peeked around. Looking for any clothes that will fit the boys next year. Don had to exchange a pair of shorts, so we went ahead and let him catch up. Finally, the mall is closing, kids are tired, so we walk back to our cars, unload my kids, Don helps put her stroller up while she puts in her kids. We chat for a few more minutes in the parking lot and both drive our separate ways home.

It is bedtime now, all our kids are sleeping, and I am here writing this blog. A little box pops up. She is ready to chit chat a bit. We talk about if the kids are sleeping and if everyone feels well. Everything with her is so in synch with us. She is our perfect "Saturday Wife". And a wonderful friend. Thanks for everything, Cathy.


Cathy said...

How sad, I have been belittled down to a title. I don't even deserve a name anymore, sigh.

Michele S said...

What are you guys a bunch of Mormons?????? ha ha

I'm so glad you guys have become such good friends. Doesn't it make life so much more enjoyable to have someone else in the trenches with you?

Why would you want to move, Laura?
Where are you going anyways?