Friday, June 09, 2006

Sick, Sick, SICK

Boys are all sick again, this time with high fevers and gross snotty noses. We took Jax to the Dr Thursday and she said that Jaxon has an ear infection, so he's now on antibiotics. Then this morning Luke and Wyatt hit the high temps of about 100+, but we think it may just be because of the MMR shots they got a little more than a week ago. It is a side effect they warned us about and hopefully should only last the weekend. BUT just in case, I made a Dr appointment for all 3 on Tuesday. I can always call and cancel a day beforehand, but there is no way a day beforehand I can call to get an appointment for all 3 back to back, so I'd rather just be prepared.
It really hasn't been all bad, just not much fun stuff to write about. But here are some pictures from them playing tonight. I know you have been waiting for an update, so we took these pictures just for sake of a blog entry. Yes, they are wearing matching outfits. They were a present from Don's grandpa for their birthday and I think they look so cute in them!

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