Sunday, June 25, 2006

To be home means....

As many of you that know us knows....we really want to move. Not sure where, we just know we need to get out of Las Vegas. This vacation was a huge reminder of the simpler life and made us thankful our house is already on the market. Being by the water was awesome and so was being able to just hang out with so much family. I swear we saw well over 75 people (some repeatedly) over that 9 day span. My boys were played with and loved by everyone and it meant so much to us that people took the time out of their busy lives to come visit and spend time with us.

So in the spirit of being home and confused about where we are right now, Don and I made up our list of what being back in Vegas means........

Sleep in our own comfy bed
Kids wake up later
Drive our own vehicles
Mountains everywhere
Get to see our dogs
We now know we really don't want to have a girl

No waking up to a lake view
No windows open letting in a cool breeze
Going back to work on Monday
It is waaaaay too hot
Traffic is heavy and drivers are rude
No seeing family on a daily basis
Not much to do with the kids outside (too hot)
Not much family just stops by
Perfect strangers don't just smile at you
No grass anywhere
No REAL New York food (pizza, steak subs, and wings with REAL bleu cheese !!!!)
It is 107 degrees outside!!!

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