Friday, June 02, 2006

A Full Update

Nothing too exciting....Did I just say that?? Hmmm, I think I am just too tired to think of any excitement that is brewing. Luke has been up most the night again. Not sure if he is having a hard time with the milk they have begun to drink this week, or if it is that he has gotten another tooth. The boys had their one year check up this week and here are the stats:

Wyatt is 19.3 lbs and 29" tall. He also has 2 top teeth (they came in first) and now has a bottom or two poking out. He has begun to have quite the temper. Hates it when others even think about playing with the toy he has. But, he has no issues of taking a toy away from one of his brothers. He has the funniest laugh that you can get out of him even mid-temper. Wyatt loves peek a boo, loves to throw the ball and crawl after it (repeatedly) and had just begun using the walkers- which he walks with both feet pointing outwards. When you hold him, his little body just conforms to you over your shoulder. He is beginning to throw a fit when we change his diaper, but he loves the wipes and we bait him with them to get him to come to us for a diaper change. He has a sense of humor and sometimes we can tell he is trying to make us laugh. He is such a stinker, you can't resist him.

Jaxon is also 19.3 lbs but he is 30" tall. Jaxon is in the midst of getting his 8th tooth now, which will make an even 4 on top and bottom. He is our biter, but not in the sense that he is trying to bite us (Don, myself and my mom). He seems to be simply trying to pick things up with is little teeth, like our shirts or pants. He has yet to bite on skin with no clothes covering, or bite his brothers. He doesn't understand the "NO BITE" and either gives us his beautiful innocent smile when we say it, or he'll realize we are not happy and will look down and rub one of his eyes. Jax is not walking, but I think he will be taking a step or two soon. He is going from couch to couch, and I wonder if he just did, but I haven't seen him do it yet. He is super easy going, smiles or laughs all the time and is honestly the most innocent thing I have ever seen. He sees joy in everything.

Lucas is the biggest all around at 31" tall and 21.3 lbs. He has just gotten in his 3rd top tooth, so that makes 5 teeth for him. Luke hasn't been feeling too hot lately, so I have brought him to bed with us 2 times this past week. I admit I love it, he has become a bit of the snuggler lately and I am really enjoying this new side of him. Luke had teased us almost 3 full weeks ago with walking to Don and I, but since has not progressed any. He still does a couple steps when we put him a foot or two from us, but has not attempted anything else. I think he just likes to keep testing himself. He stands almost on his own now, and does this cute little kneeling thing. He'll just sit up on his knees and sometimes when he gets excited he actually bounces his butt up and down. He really thinks about things and how they work. We can always see his little wheels turning in his head. Lucas takes a bit more work to get the smiles and love from him sometimes, but it so worth it when you hear his little quiet laugh.

All 3 are doing great and seem to be getting completely over that nasty virus they had. All diapers are normal and personalities are coming back to 100%. At the one year check up, we got the okay to start milk and all food (except peanut butter) got the go ahead. It is so much easier now. Don loves this, he has cooked them so much!He has done his biscuits and gravy, french toast and scrambled eggs, and this morning he made them pancakes for breakfast!

So I take it back, there has been plenty things exciting going on around here. In fact, the babies have just taken an almost 3 hour nap! If that is not exciting, I don't know what I am holding off for, LOL. I guess I should go wake them, they will be sooo hungry when they get up. Please, don't be shy, leave a comment. I am always wondering who is reading this.

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