Sunday, June 25, 2006

First Days Slideshow

These pictures are from the first part of our trip. 37 pictures!! Lots of pictures of the Hauck side! Gram and Grandpa Hauck came over with Aunt Geneva and Aunt Shirley (2 of Grandpas 8 sisters!!!) I have always though he is such a gentle, kind and easy going man. Now that I have found out he has 8 sisters and was the only boy, I can see he had lots of love growing up!

I wish I would've gotten the camera out at the BBQ on Saturday, but things were so busy and hectic I didn't get a chance. If any of you out there got some pictures, PLEASE email me them so I can post them and also print some for the boys albums.....Many thanks!

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Cousin Annie said...

I miss you guys already. It was so nice visiting with you! Same time, same place next year??