Sunday, June 11, 2006

Busy Bodies

We are in the midst of putting our house up on the market. The plan is that we will list it when we go out of town so the monkeys are not making a mess in the house I will be desperately trying to keep clean. But doing all this cleaning and prep work while we are getting ready to go out town has been a tad crazy. Especially because I think it makes the kids feel a bit neglected.
Luke has figured out he has the power to climb on everything. Our legs, the couch, his get the picture. And he gets quite upset if whatever he wants to climb on does not want to be climbed upon. But if he gets to where he wants, he does the biggest cheese face, smiling so big his eyes look Chinese.
Jaxon is in a head butting phase. He head butts the crib, the gate, his toys, the carpet and his brothers heads. I have seen him look at his brother, crawl close and while on all 4, rock his body to try to head butt. And if he is not close enough, he will crawl and try again, and again, and again. He has become a wild man, high maintenance and LOUD. But he is having such a good time at it, it's not too much of a bother.
Wyatt is still recuperating from the shots. He just wants to cuddle and has a temp still lingering around 100. He will crawl to me and rest his head down on my shoulder for a few minutes, and then all the sudden he is recharged. Off he goes to play with his brothers or hit the doorbell on their little house. Ding is his new favorite game.

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