Monday, November 05, 2007

Our Big Bye-Bye

This past we took a trip to Southern California. It was cousin Jake's second birthday and it seemed like the perfect time to go on a mini vacation.

Being that they are not big fans of long car rides, the boys have never been in the car longer than an hour or so on a straight shot. Many airplane rides where Don and I could take them out of their seats and let them stretch -or separate whoever needs to be separated- but not a long car ride. We talked about the trip with the boys a few days before we left, telling them about our "big bye-bye" and the beach.

Friday when Don got home from work we were off! Over the mountains and through the desert we went, silently praying the boys would behave and not bother the heck out of each other in their close quarters. We don't have a big vehicle where the boys can all ride with their own personal space. These guys are cramped up fighting over leg room and heaven forbid someone touches their car seat! Days before the trip I was thinking how nice it would be for Don and I to be together in the car for so long, getting to catch up in all the hours we were driving to and from California. Instead we both sat there silently, knowing that the slightest distraction could cause the kids to become aware of something -anything that would make them start fighting or pinching- and we just couldn't risk it.

Finally at 10 we pull into our Marriott hotel. The hotel had a living area with a full kitchen (dishwasher, stove, microwave, refrigerator, etc) and two separate bedrooms off the living room/dining room area. About an hour later the kids were all in their pack and plays (which by the way -we discovered they could climb out of) in the big bedroom and fast asleep.

Saturday morning we decided to go introduce the boys to the ocean. We had talked it up for the last few days, helping the boys pronounce beach and talking about the water and the sand there. All three seemed pretty excited about the concept until we got there. Jaxon walked right out to the sand with Don, he didn't mind the sand between his toes. Wyatt walked a bit but decided he would rather be carried. Lucas wouldn't even step off the side walk onto the sand. Don and I kept walking hoping he would just follow, but we soon realized it was not going to happen that way. Once we were set up at our blanket I realized that it is no surprise for Luke to be this way with the sand. The huge sandbox my Dad and Don built for the boys has yet to be sat in by Lucas, unless he has something besides the sand to put his bottom on.

Jaxon and especially Wyatt loved the beach. Wyatt loved to chase the water up and down the shoreline, racing to pick up rocks or shells before the water came back up. Once he turned to run and tripped over to fall in the water, but I picked him up by his shirt before he got too wet. He just laughed- totally unfazed by the cold water now on his belly and in his diaper.

All too soon lunch time came and it was time to head back to the hotel. After the boys woke from their naps we headed over to Don's Aunt Linda's house about 25 minutes away for some pizza and good conversation. Nathan, Lee Ann and her family would be there, as well as Aunt Linda and Uncle Bob. It is always so good to see this part of Don's family! His Uncle Bill happened to be there too -which was a great surprise for us. After a few hours of the boys playing nicely with Jake and all of us catching up, it was past the boys bedtime and time to go.

Sunday called for a visit with Don's Grandpa before checking out of the hotel and heading over to Jake's birthday party. The boys all played with Jake, taking turns between playing nicely or throwing tantrums over a toys they wanted.

This is a picture of the boys as we were gassing up the jeep for our drive home. They are completely hopped up on lots of blue koolaid (the first time they have ever had it) and under slept by about 2 of his usual 3 hours nap. They were totally insane, laughing at anything and everything they could think of.

It was a great way to end our "big bye-bye".


Michele S said...

It looks like you guys had a successful weekend! It looked like a lot of fun and I can imagine it was a lot of work too! I know when I come home from a roadtrip from the kids, I need like 3 days to recover. :) It's always good to see family and experience new things though, so it's worth the effort. You guys are doing great!

Michele S said...

I meant a roadtrip WITH the kids not FROM the kids, but that must have been my subconsicious typing FROM, LOL!

Annie said...

Those pictures look soooooooooo nice. The beach looks so nice and warm. I have to say I'm a little jealous. We had our first snow fall here in Buffalo today. :(

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

I love the picture of your husband standing on the beach with the boys ... that's a GREAT shot.

I'm glad you had such a good time in our "neck of the woods"!