Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A New Busy Station

Recently, we pulled out some goodies for the boys that we had bought years ago. One was a packet of wipe off crayons. I like them because Jaxon still does not get reign of markers (he's really impulsive), and the crayons are a bit more child friendly anyhow.

Our other find was a couple of giant laminated sheets of notebook paper. We had bought them at the dollar store long ago, and put them away for a rainy day.

So putting our two giant sheets of paper together with wipe off crayons, and three little boys, equaled about an hour of quiet time for us! Yay!

This one has lots of random words and names including the ever popular Jessica and another one of their friends, Kalani.

The next day, Lucas was writing while I was sewing. I heard him sounding words out and then he thought of his birthday. May 22. See how he sounded it out? M TNT 2

It is so cool to see them learn these things, a little bit at a time. No paper waste, keeps them quiet, and they learn. What more can I ask for?

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