Wednesday, October 06, 2010

3 Boys = Real Life

This is picture of my three sweet boys. They were running carefree in the water, it was so hot out that day and we were at a car show. Over 100 degrees was just too hot for the boys to enjoy the car show, so Don and I gave up the show and let the boys have some down time.

I swear in the moments before taking this picture, I was looking at them in a perfectly ideal moment. I was thinking how big they have gotten, how stinking handsome they are getting, and how perfect the light was around them. I had to take this picture to capture the moment.

This picture on the other hand...

This picture was taken just the next day at Walmart. I was looking at the clearance table in the back (all red tag items was an additional 50% off, I couldn't NOT look!) to see if we "needed" anything and I hear Jaxon yell, "this is SO AWESOME!". I turn and look for the voice and see Jax's head sticking out the side of the ball cage. His brothers were quick to join him, moving balls out of their way so they could fit their ever growing bodies in there, too.

I admit, at first I was embarrassed. I mean, come on! They put themselves in a ball cage. I have never seen a kid do that before -and we go to Walmart every week!

And then I was a bit amazed that they hadn't thought of doing that before.

But then I was surprised that I actually felt bad for having to call them out when it was so obvious they were having such a good time. I think had I not been surrounded by about 30 other people at the clearance tables (damn clearance!) they would have had a few more minutes to play.

So two perfectly opposite pictures taken in just two days. Such different circumstances and feelings around each, but each perfectly demonstrate how every day brings something interesting to the table.

These boys keep us on our toes.

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