Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Little baby Reagan came over for a visit today. For the next few weeks my mom will be watching her while school is still in session. I was a bit nervous about this initially. The boys LOVE my mom. They are very confident that their Nana loves them, bringing her books to read (which she always does) and climbing and prodding all over her body (Luke loves her earrings). Just today I watched Wyatt sit on her lap like she was a chair, literally just plopping down on her legs without a second thought. All this made me a bit worried they would be a bit jealous of a new baby in Nana's arms.

I had a doctor appointment this morning and decided I would bring Luke, since Luke would listen best to me out in public and he also seems to blossom under a bit extra of one on one time. The other two boys and Reagan were staying here at the house with Nana. The boys did great, keeping themselves busy and behaving well while I was gone.

As soon as we walked in the door when we came home, Lucas was asking "bay-bee?, bay-bee?". I wish I could type in the tone he said it, as the end of the word baby would go up to such a high pitch note in his little voice. He was so curious about Reagan! When it was time for Reagan to have her bottle, my mom held Reagan in her arms with all the boys surrounding the baby. Lucas -in true Lucas fashion- took charge of Reagan, patting her little head, rubbing her hair and giving her little kisses on her temple. He just couldn't get enough of her. They are all so gentle with her and show absolutely no jealous behaviors at all. It is so beautiful to think we will be able to see their little cousin relationship grow through the years.


Wendi said...

So sweet!!! :)

Cathy said...

I think the boys are trying to tell you something, Laura. They want a little baby (or two, or three, or four?)! LMAO!