Friday, June 01, 2007

Feeling Blue

Luke woke up last night with a temp of 101.5 crying for water. Poor little guy let me cuddle him for a bit, and then let me know he wanted his bed by telling me "nye nyte" over and over again. This morning when he woke up, he had an ear temp of 104.7 , so I called and got him in at the Doctor. Have I ever mentioned that our Doctor is off on Friday, Saturday and Sundays? Why do my boys ALWAYS get sick on Fridays? Luckily the Doctor in the office seemed to have it together and even though we can't figure out any specific reasons Luke has a temperature (no ear infections, throat is not raw, etc.) I still felt better when I left the office. Luke's temp was about 101. then.

After nap time it was a good thing Don was home. Jaxon had a bit of a temp also, so he joined in on the Motrin/Tylenol regimen. He was all about his daddy, hanging on to Don to the point of Don carrying him all around with him. Dinner was great, all the boys ate fine and Jaxon perked up a bit before bed, until he fell off the couch arm where he was perched and knocked his little noggin next to the little scuff he already has on his forehead.

Wyatt is still tooting along at full speed. He seems to be feeling fine and is staying cool. His addiction to the telephone (any telephone) is getting worse. The was he throws a fit when we take it away (like if it rings or we have to call someone) is laughable. Wyatt will take about 5 marching steps backwards then throws himself on his bottom. It is the cutest temper I have seen, may even be worth sending it in to AFV for a $10,000 contender.

Mostly they are all doing great. Unfortunately biting has made a come back, but most of the time we don't notice someone has been bit until bed time and we are undressing them and see the marks on a shoulder or arm. They will be watched much more carefully in the next week to be sure it is nipped (!) in the bud.


Michele S said...

Your poor little guy. 104 is so darn high. I sure hope your bunch is on the mend today. Mine always get sick on Fridays too. ALWAYS!

JMom said...

Just popped over to check on you all. So sorry about the sickness. One of mine always pops those insanely high temps too. It is always very unsettling. Looks like the new play area is nice. Way to go Daddy! (and Happy belated birthday boys!)

Cathy said...

Awwww, I just saw that the roseola rash is in your house. I hope they are all feeling better soon. The good news is that once they have the rash, they should start feeling better.

Being on different time zones is hard! You better be getting something accomplished while I am gone.

Give the boys a big hug for me.