Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cootie Update

The boys are generally healthy, so why do I feel like they have been sick for so long? Maybe because I haven't been able to work out for the past week and a half because I refuse to bring my sick kids in to share their latest germs. I couldn't take them a few weeks ago either because everyone had diarrhea for days. Part of my refusal could also be the guilt I would feel when they cry as I drop them off, wondering if they should just be home. I really need to get out of the house!

Anyhow, Jaxon seems to be the most affected by the Roseola. It could be that since he is the only one with the beautiful rash, he may have the worse case, even though his temp never hit over 103, where his brothers were both over 104. Wyatt is still a bit cuddly, and I am not complaining. He is so flexible and just loves to snuggle. Jaxon looks and acts just like he is not feeling well at all. Poor guy just does not want to be bothered and has the most pitiful cry when he wants something that his brothers just took from him. Once in a while he perks up and plays like crazy with his brothers, but then comes crashing down and just needs a bit of snuggling to regroup. Hopefully in another day or two, this will be out of the house!

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Les Jacobs said...

I completely understand your need to get out of the house! The same things happens w/ us when the kids get sick: we can't go out b/c they're sick and so everyone suffers, not just the sick ones!