Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mommy Brain

Recently, I have begun a class online to help me with my scrap booking. This week we are working on journaling (writing about the photo, where we were, what makes it special, etc). I have scrapped about 20 pages, but really have only journaled a handful of them- nothing pops in my mind to say. I see the picture and can remember when it was taken, what was going on or who we were with, but nothing else happens in my brain.

This is where "mommy brain" comes in. I converse with 3 toddlers every day who have but a vocabulary of maybe 100 words between them. My vocabulary has been simplfied to teach them simple words and actions. The news in not on, except if we keep PBS on and forget to turn it off during dinner, and mostly I chat with my friends online more so than the phone. I wonder how many words a day I speak to an adult, or how many conversations I am having with adult people everyday, that don't concern the kids.

Also, in taking care of the three of them in the past two years, my mind has been in survival mode. All about multitasking and getting things done. What is for dinner, has Jaxon pooped in the past 2 days, what is Wyatt trying to say, etc. The chance to really think a situation through and enjoy the actual colors of the sunset or feelings that are felt during day to day activities just really doesn't happen.

In that train of thought, I am convinced that there are parts of my brain which have been unused for the past two years and that I need to start exercising my vocabulary and really thinking about my surroundings, not just skimming past it all just to be sure we are all surviving. Mommy brain - blah.


Brooklyn said...

LOL!!! This is totally why I haven't scrapped hardly anything from the first year of my twins life. I FLIPPIN' CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT WAS GOING ON! All that sleep deprivation back then really fried my brain cells.

Hope you have fun in your scrap class! I think that's a great idea! Who are you doing it through? Have you checked out She has some great tutorials and on her blog she does Photoshop Fridays with good tips/tricks. It's pretty cool!

Anyway, take care!

The Grubbs said...

The class is through ScrapArtist. It was $15 and includes a kit of my choice at the end -and we have been given a free alpha with more to come still.
It has only been one week so far, I'll let you know what I think when it is over =)
Thanks for the link, I will check her out!

Teresa said...

I totally understand Mommy Brain. I thrive on adult conversations at work. It's a nice get away, but it's still nice to come home and have the same conversatons over and over. What would we do without them? It always puts a smile on my face.

Congrats on the scrapbooking. I gave up once the boys were born. I was so good when Brittney was little. I've resorted to putting my digital photos together in albums online and having them printed out. That way I can still write little sayings under each photo if I happen to remember what was going on at the time! I use