Sunday, June 17, 2007


My boys were absolutely enchanted with cousin Annie. Lucas- who is so reserved and loves to play hard to get- was not only allowing Annie to love on him, he was enjoying it! Jaxon said her name within two minutes of meeting her and Wyatt let her carry him downstairs when he woke from his nap, no shyness or wake up grumpiness.

As night fell and morning came, she jumped right in to change their diapers and clothes when they woke up. Annie stayed up past midnight with us both nights just trying to squeeze in as much time together as we could. She endured weather over 100 degrees at the park and going out to breakfast with us when they boys were not on their most accommodating behavior. She happily shared her meals with hungry little mouths and didn't mind at all when the boys wanted to rough house with her.

Nap time and bed time heard echoes of "nye-nyte nan-nee" and big shows of kissing and waving through the windows up to the top of the stairs. And finally when they woke from their nap today and no Annie was to be found- the boys (and I) felt better after we called her and said our goodbyes once more.

You are a gem with a heart of gold and even though you were only here for a few days, you will be missed for many days to come. XOXOXO

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Lisa said...

Hi Lola, just popped by for a visit and to let you know that your Blog looks fantastic! Great job girl!

Lisa :)

Nan-nee said...

Thank you guys so much for showing me such a wonderful time while I was visiting. Your hospitality was awesome and the boys are just so adorable I didn't want to leave. I'm already looking for cheap flights to come out again. I miss all those giant hugs and kisses!!! Love you all!!!


allhisblessings said...

Looks and sounds like everyone had a fabulous time! Hey Nan-nee...want to come over for a visit and play with my kids? :)