Thursday, June 28, 2007

Video Time

Here are some videos just for Cayden :)
They are videos I had loaded earlier this month, but hadn't posted.

This first one is Lucas and Wyatt trying to do somersaults on the couch.

This is Luke and Jaxon playing together, just being cute. It is a long one, kinda drags at the end, but it should help keep Cayden occupied.

And last is a video from Don. You can hear he is actually shocked that the boys got found trouble while he was washing dishes.

1 comment:

allhisblessings said...

Wow!!!!!!!! We cannot thank you enough Laura! Cayden just LOVES ALL of the movies!!!!!

I really should have left this comment much sooner, so sorry for the delay.

We have watched them several times over the course of many days since you've posted them here.

Also, thank you for categorizing them for us! It is so wonderful to just click on MOVIES and we get to watch them all.

Thanks so much Laura, it was so nice of you to set this up for us. We are grateful to be able to stay in touch with you & your wonderful family through this blog! :)