Saturday, June 23, 2007

They're baaack!

Yup! Michael, Cathryn and Matthew are back in town! The boys were so excited to see them today when we met up for lunch at Sonic, that they wouldn't stay seated in their wagon. Not that they generally do like to stay in the wagon anymore, and that is just t-r-o-u-b-l-e for me. Our trips to the store have become farther and further between because I have a feeling they will give me a meltdown one of these times soon, and honestly the thought scares the bejeepers right out of me. Seriously, picture yourself in a fairly quiet grocery store on a weekday morning and then the overwhelming sound of kids screaming and crying in the next aisle over with their mom saying "I mean it, sit down!" over and over again. In my head, I tell the lady to get a grip on her kids and take them home because they are obviously not wanting to be there. But Oh my gosh! THAT woman is going to be ME!

So, just the thought of it traumatizes me, so I have been sticking to a little one on one runarounds when my mom comes over. It will be nice with Michael here, so he can help me get in the groove of getting out of the house, but with an extra set of hands.

In other going ons, Don has introduced the boys to drinking out of the water hose. Even though when their little hands try to turn the hose towards them and water pours down their stomachs, soaking their shirts- they love to hold the hose and drink out of it. It is the cutest thing to watch when the big "that is COLD" gasp comes out and their eyes get all big. But just 2 seconds later the shock has worn off and they are right back into it.

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