Saturday, February 23, 2008

The new Cubby

A couple months ago (yikes!) Don and I started a project of sorts. We thought it would be neat to hollow out a little area under our stairs for the boys to play in. Now that it is 90% of the way done (we still need to install the quarter round) the boys love to hang out in it.

We put their little couches inside and a bucket of books. They will just turn the light on over head and start reading. Yesterday I glanced over and saw Lucas and Jaxon sitting on a little couch looking through a book together while. They were sharing the couch and a book. What a wondrous little room.

And from the movie a couple days back, you can see it is a great place for them to hide in as well!

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Annie said...

I LOVE the cubby!! It looks like a cool, fun clubhouse for the boys. How cool!!