Thursday, February 07, 2008

On the upswing

Finally we are feeling better! Woo hoo! The worst of it today is just runny noses and coughing. Wyatt's abscess is going down with the help of the antibiotics, but we have one follow up appointment next week -just to be sure.

The past couple of days I have been taking the boys for a walk in a nearby vacant lot. It gets them the fresh air they desperately need and gives us a chance to stretch our legs. Lucas is so into analyzing the rocks. He loves to try to pick up huge ones (huge for him) and always exclaims "big hole!" regarding the little spot in the ground left by the big rocks.

Jaxon likes to climb to the top of these rock hills and slide down on his stomach or tushie. It makes me wince seeing their clothes get that kind of use, but they are having so much fun I don't want to stop them for that. Jaxon also like to wander off and when I call for him to come back to us -he is not so defiant to tell me no- but he shakes his head no with a big smile on his face.

Wyatt is a bit more laid back about it. I think in the next few days as he starts to feel a bit more normal, he will be up there trying to give me a heart attack in his own little way, too. Even today I could see he was ready to throw a rock and I yelled (because I was about 20 feet away) for him to put it down. For whatever reason he didn't and chucked it -hitting Jax's head which was only about 3 feet away. Poor Jax had quite the goose egg on his little head and got a bag of peas to soothe his owie once we got back home.

So thankfully, life is getting back to normal and I am so glad to see the boys playing like little boys again.


laraine said...


I'm so happy your guys are all starting to feel better!. It must be such a relief not to see them so sick. Can you send some of your good germs here??

We were back at the Dr. this morning with both boys. I'll put more on my blog later - but I came home with antibiotics, steroids, and breathing treatments/inhalers for BOTH of them. They missed another day of school too. I'm not liking this bug at all!.

My name is Tammie said...

So glad they are feeling better. Poor kids. Poor momma. I had never heard of an absess forming from an ear infection. Poor kiddo.