Thursday, February 21, 2008


Even though Wyatt is looking down, I love this picture!

Here is a (longish) video of them playing yesterday. They love to watch Barney on the television and when his infamous song comes on, they'll give these huge hugs to each other. Don't be fooled, these are no ordinary hugs. Once everyone is hugging, they pull down in their own direction and try to pull the other two down. I am not sure if it is an alpha male thing, or a loving/playing thing, but it is funny to watch. I would have shortened it, but the last 30 seconds are the cutest!

Here is another taken after I made sure Jax's head was okay from the head bounce at the end of the last one. You can hear them sing bits of "twinkle twinkle" and if you take a look, you will no longer see the scab on Jax's forehead!

Times like this I look back and think about how worried I was when pregnant. How could Don and I possibly love them enough when there were three of them and only two of us? People would try to reassure me by saying they will also have the love of each other and I just didn't get it. However, just looking at them in these videos reinforces what those people meant. It is so easy to see how much they love each other and how secure they are because of one another. It does even out and it is a hoot to watch!


joan said...

Absolutely adorable!! You are right..the love they have for one another is so obvious! I couldn't believe with all that wrestling going on, there was no crying.
They are so cute, and so sweet. You are blessed!!

Brooklyn said...

I love that first photograph! It almost looks like the front two are in headlocks but you know they are really hugging. A true boy photo! So adorable! They look like they will always be the best of friends!