Sunday, February 03, 2008

We are still here...

So much of nothing going on here, I am not sure where to start. We have been home bound the past couple days. Wyatt is still not feeling better and I am sure he will be back in the Dr's office tomorrow. He has this pitiful little face he makes and he does a little half cry, like he doesn't have the energy to get the whole cry out. This evening he had a temp of 104.2 (!) in one ear and 103.9 in the other. It was about 20 minutes after he got a does of Motrin, so we felt we could give him ten minutes to give the meds a chance to kick in and sure enough, he was down a whole degree in about 5 minutes and it quickly dropped as more time passed.

Even though Wyatt is mostly sad and needy, sometimes he perks up and laughs at Luke and Jaxon being silly with their Dadoo. Then Wyatt will jump up like he's miraculously healed and run around laughing with his brothers. It has been nice cuddling with him, but I hope we can get to the bottom of this tomorrow at the Dr's.

Jaxon and Lucas are getting a bit of cabin fever from being indoors so much lately. The weather is cold, raining and very windy- so there has been no chance of even going out front to get fresh air. Today, Don and I brought their basketball hoop inside to the kitchen. After cleaning the net and balls off, the boys finally had something to get their energy out with! At first they would yell "touchdown!" when a basket was made, but they finally caught on to the correct basket ball terminology of "two points!" and "basket!".

Tonight it was game time again as Don helped them with their Michael Jordan moves. The boys love their Daddy and just think he is the funniest man around. Riding on his back, playing mini basketball with them, teaching them how to eat nachos from Taco Bell or adding sour cream on their quesadilla, their Dad knows it all. Thank goodness we were home bound on the weekend when he was home to keep them occupied!

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laraine said...


I'm so sorry your little guy is still sick. You guys need a break from this bug.

We are not completely done with it either. I thought Brian was all better and then on Wed his little nose was just running and Wed night and all day Thurs he had a fever. Now the fever is gone but he's still all stuffed up and he's starting to cough again!. Maybe we'll see you at the Dr's!