Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tractor Time

These are the boys new toys!

We got quite the deal on FAO Swartz.com and with their additional 30% off for their Presidents day sale, the price was better than perfect!

The boys loved playing in their new tractors last night while the batteries were charging. They had no idea that the cars were actually supposed to move on their own, and they were thrilled pushing them around with all their might. Wyatt was quite the hoarder, putting any and all toys he could think of in his little trailer.

Tonight when Don got home we put the batteries in and let the boys try the tractors out again. First we had to teach them how to hold their foot down on the pedal, and then we had to teach them how to turn. And let's not forget stopping! It was a hilarious disaster, plenty of near misses and lots of curb hitting.

The boys seemed to have a good time trying the tractors out and Don and I got quite the workout chasing them around, trying to prevent them hitting each other or our neighbors cars. We are hoping we can take them to a nearby field this weekend and teach them to carry rock loads in their trailers. Yee HAW!

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