Monday, February 11, 2008

Snow Fun

This past weekend the boys had their first snow experience. Leigha and TJ invited all five of us up to TJ's family cabin up in Panguitch Lake. The whole experience was fantastic. From the scenic drive up there, the beautiful clean snow, pine trees everywhere and the weather hovering around 50 degrees out, we couldn't have asked for a better trip.

As soon as we got there we unpacked the boys brand new snow suits that finally came in the mail the day before -along with their new snow boots their Uncle Jeremy was nice enough to ship out all the way from Virginia. Lucas and Jaxon took right to the snow. They laughed and rode around on the sled while Wyatt seemed unsure of the whole idea. He looked so uncomfortable all wrapped up in his snow gear that we had a laugh thinking about how he looked like the little brother in "A Christmas Story".

The rest of our trip was lots of eating, some playing in the snow and then more of the same. Wyatt never grew fond of the snow (although we really wonder if he just hated being bundled up in the snow gear) always crying to be held when we were outside. He would tolerate the sled and actually had a really good time riding on the snowmobile for a minute with his Dad.

Luke couldn't get enough of the snow. He loved to walk in (or on) it and just had the mindset to conquer it. TJ and Don built a little tunnel through the snow and Lucas tried to crawl right through it, not even complaining when he was a little stuck. Once we showed him that he the snow was edible,he constantly was grabbing a handful to take a bite. Lucas took right to TJ this weekend and I think it is safe to say that TJ is Luke's new best friend.

Jaxon really liked sledding and playing in the snow with Leigha's dog. Every time I looked at Jaxon, he had a big smile on his face. Everything he saw or did just seemed to make him smile bigger and he never seemed to run out of energy the entire weekend. At one time he had gotten snow in the back of his snowsuit, but only a few minutes later he was no longer bothered by it and ready to play some more.

Some of the great memories made:
-The boys building garages, bridges and "Mi-Mouse house" with Jenga blocks
-Pulling the boys in the sled up and down the deserted road
-Don trying to show the boys how to make a snow man
-TJ "cleaning the floor" with all three of the boys
-Wyatt calling out to Leigha and running to her for kisses -over and over again
-Don and TJ trying to be a bobsled team on the front walkway
-My introduction to "Pants off Dance off" (has anyone else ever heard of this? OMgosh!)
-Sleeping in the same room as the boys and having them come into our bed when they woke up in the morning.

Thank you, Leigha and TJ for inviting us and making all five of us feel so welcome. We had such a great time.


Michele S said...

Oh my gosh that looked like such a blast! What a great experience for all of you. I loved the photos!

Anonymous said...

We had a blast too, and so happy for me memories we made! Can't wait to do it again!
Xoxo,aunt leigha, TJ and Boo