Thursday, February 28, 2008


Today we went to the Doodlebop show, courtesy of Don's work. They gave us what we thought were general admission tickets, but turned out to be box seats! We were pretty high up (making us a bit nervous with the boys being so close to the edge) but it was pretty nice.

The boys all really enjoyed themselves. We thought they would be too young to "get it", but they totally got it. Jaxon was dancing -bopping his little head around- and would clap and cheer when songs were over. Lucas would yell mid song "Go Dood-bops!" like a regular at the concert scene. Wyatt was a bit more contained, just bouncing his little legs or bopping his head side to side once in a while.

The boys started getting antsy during intermission, but we stuck it out probably an hour and fifteen minutes total before we thought the boys were about done. They couldn't stay still any more and we were still not feeling great about the 20 foot drop behind a little railing.

Afterwards we took them to the park to let them get the ants out of their pants and called it a day. It was a full one, for sure.


Karen said...

Oh how fun!! We took the girls to the Doodlebops a couple of years ago and they LOVED it too! Great memories!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing that they're old enough to go to a live show? I'm so glad that they had a good time! They look absolutely adorable of course!
Love to all!

Brooklyn said...

My girls would be jealous. They love the Doodlebops! How fun!

Michele S said...

That looks like fun! But I'm certain mine would have all been dead if we would have had box seats. Whew! I would have been a wreck! :)