Saturday, February 16, 2008


Last November when we were in Texas visiting Don's family, my friend Cathy ordered my kids some sets of Disney PJ's at only $4 a pair. One of the sets were made to look like the Incredibles costume.

Today after their nap, the boys found one of the pjs, so Don thought we should rent the movie and have the boys wear their new pj's after their baths. They didn't care for the movie until the last half -but once they did start to enjoy it, they were very animated about it. Wyatt thought it was funny to stand next to me while I was sitting on the couch and stick his face in mine while repeating the parts he thought were hilarious.

Tonight after their baths they got to wear their new pj's and we could tell they thought they were so cool. Jaxon immediately tried to run fast like Dash and the poor guy hit himself on his crib. But no worries, he was back up in less than a minute and they all had a little wrestling time before lights were out for the night.

It is incredible (get it, incredible? hee hee) that the boys are old enough to actually watch a movie with Don and I. To have all of us sit and enjoy a movie together just seems beyond their age. They are such cool little guys.

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Anonymous said...

Joey loves The Incredibles, we can resite the entire movie, I just got him the Mr. Incredible Costume (, super cheap!) and he is aspiring to be either Mr. Incredible, Santa Claus or Spiderman when he grows up! :) LOL
It is so wonderful at this age, they can cuddle and understand the movies sometimes better than we can. Give tons of hugs and kisses please!
Love you!