Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

We just got back from our Valentine's date plus three. We spent the evening at the District where we had a BBQ dinner followed by a horse ride and free chocolate. What could be better?

The boys are really cracking Don and I up with the things they say. They are conversing with us and it is great to hear the things their little minds come up with. Or the reasoning they have with their actions. Jaxon loves to say "hurry" or "hurry up" but in a very concerned way. Lucas is still big on telling us something is "right there" or "down there". The way he says it sounds very direct and knowing. Such a little man he is. Wyatt is talking more and clearer lately, but when I try to think of what he says., I just picture him laughing like a little imp. I will have to try harder to note what he is doing.

Two things to note:
First, Jaxon's big forehead boo-boo (the one he has had since MAY of last year!) is actually going away. No scab on it for about 5 days now, so we think it may actually be on it's way gone. I can't imagine how much longer he will be scarred there, but we are glad to at least be past the scabbing!

Second, today I tried on a couple pair of jeans that have been previously unwearable since my rear end is too large. TADA! They fit tonight! My calves are tight in them, but the rest of me fits just fine! Whoo hoo!

What a great Valentine's Day!

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laraine said...


Congrats on fitting into the Jeans!. I too am trying to slice the size of my rear. I've gained waaaayyy too much since my hysterectomy 1-1/2 years ago.

I loved the pics of your boys in the snow from the last post. It looks like they had a blast.

I hope all the latest outdoor pics of your boys means that they are back to being healthy and the nasty bug has left your house!