Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Seriously, the pediatrician is going to think we are stalking her. Today we had our 8th (?) appointment with her since 2008 rolled around -with one more scheduled for this Wednesday. Wyatt's ear infection not only kept living through his batch of antibiotics -it worsened and turned into an abscess on his tonsils. The poor guy got a healthy shot of antibiotics in his thigh. Hopefully the shot will give the new batch of antibiotics he starts tomorrow (with the steroids again) help in draining his abscess before Wednesday. On Wednesday we will see if his abscess has drained. If not, off to the ENT he goes and it will most likely mean going to the hospital and putting him under to drain it. All from an ear infection gone bad. Who knew?

Jaxon and Luke have begun coughing and Don still hasn't stopped coughing. He swears he is going to the Dr on Wednesday afternoon himself if he hasn't gotten better by then. Dare I say it aloud, but I am thankful the bug has passed me by so far. It is nasty nasty. It has definitely overstayed it's welcome and I am hoping we can kick it to the curb soon.


loren said...

When it hits, it seems to all come at once doesn't it?

We've been really lucky this last season. Only minor colds - nothing requiring a doctor's visit - and I hope it stays that way!

I hate running them to the doctor. There's only two ways it ever goes for us: ER or "wait it out." Here's hoping that everyone gets healthy and stays that way to give you some reprieve!

Tripletblessed said...

Ouch that sounds really painful, poor baby did it clear on it's own?