Monday, April 07, 2008

Out of the Closet

My camera is now in the hands of a (hopefully) capable Canon tech. We sent it UPS out to their center in Irvine. Nervously I wait for the news letting us decide if we are going to deem it worth fixing or just cry because I will have a crap camera on our vacation come May.

I have been using the camera Don found on his route and while not they aren't clear and pretty pictures, it is at least able to document the going ons around here.

Another one of Don's "treasures" from work, a new play house! A customer knows about the boys and had thought they might enjoy a little house to play in. And of course they do. Except when Jaxon took a tumble after not being able to hold on to the roof that he had just climbed on. Yup. I can only hope he learned from that experience. Or not....

Yesterday, the boys and I were tinkering around upstairs. They were running around -loudly- but content. I was brushing my teeth, getting dressed and putting on my make up, coming out to check on them every now and then. Once I walked out of my bedroom door, looked to the side and saw this.

Before I about peed in my pants, I saw the wonderful scrapbook opportunity and quietly grabbed the camera. Quietly because I didn't want to startle him and also because truthfully, I wanted that picture. After I was spotted, he flashed me a huge proud of himself grin.

Once his brothers saw that this was fun stuff and Jax was being encouraged to do it, it was time for monkey do. Of course (once I got my pictures) I made it clear to the boys that we do not climb in the house any more. And in a desperate attempt to get them to forget the closet, I invited them to jump on Mommy's bed while I finished getting ready.

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Karen B said...

Seriously funny stuff here! Again, I'm laughing so loud! Love seeing what I have to look forward to.