Thursday, April 03, 2008

Recovered and Rambling

The meanest headache I have ever had hit me on the head last night with a big stick. For the first time ever, light and noise were my enemy. After dinner Don took care of the kids while I took a long, hot, dark bath and shower followed by laying down in my dark room, listening to the kids screaming downstairs. Luke was freaking out because we have given them the rights to wander upstairs and he was not ready for those earned rights to be taken away.

So after three little bodies joined me in bed, Don laid down with us and we were trying to keep the kids quiet and still (!). So we all began singing songs. Twinkle Twinkle, the ABC's and Moon moon moon. It is so odd how before we had kids, the only time I EVER heard Don sing was when he belted out "Amarillo by Morning" at a karaoke night while we were camping in Ventura. Now he is all for hanging out with the family and singing nursery rhymes. How cool is that?

I finally got up and helped Don put the boys to bed and crawled back into bed. My head was still hurting this am before Don left for work, but I fell back asleep and thankfully woke up head ache free. I am so thankful that headaches don't regularly plague me. And I feel for those people who they generally do.

Jax has somehow figured out my name is Laura. I don't respond to it at all when I hear the words come out his mouth. Don't get me wrong, it is the cutest way I have ever heard my name said -the way it just rolls off his tongue- but he has been calling Don by his first name for over 5 months now, and the cuteness has worn off in Don's opinion. At least 10 times a day we correct him when he says "Thanks Don!"

Luke has begun to use our phrases when he talks, and I love hearing him say things. After Reagan stopped crying the other day, he patted her back and asked if she was "all better". When we ask him the where abouts of a certain toy, he will say it is "white dare" or "over dare!" We have begun using the timer to take turns. The same timer that I use to time dinner cooking. The last three nights when the timer goes off, Luke asks "Wy-wy's turn now?" -even though there is no toy in question. He sings all the time. If there is no song in his head, he makes one up. "Yell-ow car, yell-ow car" was sang for at least 7 minutes the other day on the way to Costco. When his brothers tried to join in, they were told "No, U-key do!" Eventually he let them join in with him, but he is such a little man and he really keeps his eyes open about what is going on around him.

Wyatt has been a bit defiant. Not in an obvious way, but in an ignoring us "he can't hear us" way. Somewhere along the way he has stopped bringing his plate up to the sink after eating every meal and continuously brings his sand ridden Caterpillar trucks into the house even though he has been told dozens of times (in the past hour) that they are outside toys. He has a great game face, but he can only hold it so long before he starts laughing.

Aunt Leigha came by the other day before she got her nails done. The boys ran around, calling her name - trying to show her the sand box and toys they were playing with. Jax, Wyatt and Lucas loved making funny faces at her and would scream and laugh when she returned the faces to them. After hanging out with them in the cubby where Jax and Wyatt would try to make her laugh by jumping up and hitting their head on the ceiling, we called it a day and she helped me put the boys down for their nap.

So even though I have felt like nothing much has been going on, in retrospect there hasn't been many dull moments. Maybe I should force myself to blog more often :)

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