Thursday, April 17, 2008

Big Boy Beds

2:06 pm
Holy Cow! I just walked out of the boys room (an hour later than usual) from putting them down for nap.

What is the big deal you ask? The big deal is that they are in their new toddler beds! No cribs or crib tents and I think the boys are more nervous than I am! Jaxon is crying half because he is over tired and half because he is scared of all the freedom. Lucas is calm as can be, singing his ABC's. And Wyatt is quiet, but I think he will follow whatever everybody else thinks on it.

I stayed in for about 10 minutes, rubbing backs and then after repeating the "rules" of the big boys beds, gave them a kiss and walked out. Jaxon started crying again, but it has only been 2 minutes and he is laughing already. I heard a "boom boom" (probably the closet door) and then someone quietly requested "mowe".

As I am writing this, I heard some noises (aside from the usual giggling) and went to investigate. Jaxon and Wyatt were standing at the top of Jaxon's bed. Even though Luke's bed is in between them.

In the days of before I had children, thinking I knew how I would maturely and patiently handle any situation under the sun, I would patiently go in and lay the children back in bed. Over and over again with out getting upset or irritated. This is what I thought I would do before I had triplets. Or even before I had Wyatt.

Wyatt is quite the instigator. If they are doing something they shouldn't be doing and I warn them, Wyatt laughs (not AT me) but to Jaxon or Lucas -while I am still talking to them about it. If we are in the car and Jaxon is yelling super loud, I will turn around and tell Jax he needs to quiet down. Even though I am not even talking to Wyatt, Wyatt will chuckle.

So when I walked in there and put them back in their beds, I did it with the warning of "if I have to come back in here...". Luckily, no chuckles from either one. I am sure naps are done with for a while, but (Sorry Cathy!) I have no intention of letting the boys be done with them. They absolutely still need their nap, even if it is a half hour less than it used to be. We still have a solid 2 hour nap daily, sometimes 3 hours.

They are still laughing and having a good time, and it has been 40 minutes. I hear what sounds like jumping, so I need to go in and investigate.

I just quietly walked in to see them both sitting up in their beds. Not a big deal and at least they were in their own beds! They both silently scootched down to a laying down and covered their bodies. Luke seems to be sleeping.

Don is home and asking how it is going and I am hearing major boom sounds coming from within. My patience is getting thin, but luckily Don is home to help me decide what needs to be done.

After walking in to their room and seeing Wyatt and Jaxon playing hide and seek behind the closet door, I quickly and quietly moved Wyatt into the guest room. I didn't yell or pop his toosh. Kept it all business like and he is not happy -screaming like a very angry banshee. Never heard this kind of anger out of him. How dare I move him out of the party room with all the freedom! Now I hear him saying "boogie?" hoping I will come in there and wipe his face.

Not very surprisingly, I have not heard a peep out of Jaxon.

Hopefully bed time will be easier tonight.

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Annie said...

Oh, boy. Good luck with bed time. I hope you and Don get some sleep tonight!! :)