Monday, April 21, 2008

Bit of Don

Don is such a cool Dad. He lets the kids do things that I think is taboo. Like move their outside chairs into the house and play with crayons. Unsupervised. In the living room. And doesn't mind if one of them "tags" another one's back with fore mentioned crayons.

He loves to have little parades around our living area like he is Peter Piper of the house. All four of them will have their own instruments (drum, recorder, harmonicas, etc) and just follow each other around until one of them has had enough and just starts cheering to signal the song is over.

His energy is endless and his sense of humor is perfect for dealing with the day to day antics these boys have. Walking through the living room with children attacking his legs -no problem. Dealing with a two year old picking up your shirt and trying to give you raspberries -no problem. Having the past four nights of sleep disturbed by Wyatt crawling in to our bed at 3 am only to touch, pull and kick all over Don's body -no problem! Then he is off to work and ready to do it all again the next day.

Don works outside 5 days a week. Even when the weather is over 100 degrees for 3 months in a row during summer time, he is outside. Wearing long sleeved button up shirts, khaki pants, steel toed boots and his straw hat, he is outside at least 6 hours a day in those temperatures. To help him stay hydrated, he brings to work a 2 gallon cooler of water and a few Gatorade's each day. This adds up, so we try to find Gatorade on sale. For a penny pinching man like Don, we don't pay a whole dollar for a 32 oz of Gatorade when it is usually on sale, we wait until it is really on sale once or twice a year and stock up when it is only 50 cents or so. This is most of the Gatorade Don bought last week when Smith's was running their deal.

I couldn't possibly imagine a better Dad for the boys. He is so hands on with them all the time. Don encourages them to climb at the play ground and helps them climb up to the kitchen counter to "help" him make brownies.

He is a super husband, taking on so much around the house. He helps with the laundry and dishes and rarely gives me a hard time (anymore) when I find something to add on the "Honey-do" list. He is handy on the cars and around the house, I can't think of any time we had to hire out for something other than concrete work.

I guess to sum it all up, My Husband ROCKS. I love you, Don!


Cathy said...

Can I borrow your husband? I have a Don-do-list!

You guys are lucky!

joan said...

What a wonderful, loving tribute to your husband. I hope he reads your blog. As I was reading it, I thought those little boy will never forget their Dad's patience and fun with them!

It brought back a memory from 70 years ago when my Dad came home from work every night, opened the front door with his overcoat flapping and ran through the house pretending to be the Lone Ranger, yelling for Tonto! We never tired of it! (Something I hadn't thought of for years)

Anyway, how nice that you appreciate your husband and affirm him in such positive ways. How nice for him!!

Anonymous said...

Hi -
Love your blog!
Just wanted to say you could make Gatorade on your own much more cheaply.
Here's a link:
Or just Google "homemade Gatorade".