Saturday, April 08, 2006

Clark County Fair Day

Well, today we had a FULL day with the boys. Don fed them breakfast this morning while I hopped in the shower (he usually does this on the weekends, it is HIS bonding time with the kids). We had decided not to plant the plants we bought for the backyard or hang out at home, we were going to the fair! The fair was a good hour to an hour and a half drive out to Logandale, so we figure the best time to drive was during their nap time. The drive went well even though they had a back up about 45mins long when you exited just because of the line to the fair parking lot! I jumped out of the car while we were at a stand still to get the bottles out of the diaper bag and we rushed while the kids were getting CRANKY (they were hot,tired and hungry) made the bottles up and gave them out to the boys to buy some time during the last stretch of waiting.
Once we got there, we had a great time checking out different booths and exhibits. They were getting tired of being strapped down in the stroller after they had been in the car seats for so long so we found a shady area, laid out our blanket and let the boys roam free for a bit. They were climbing all over the stroller and each other. They would see somewhere they wanted to go and set off crawling out in that direction, but they DO NOT LIKE the grass and would stop at the edge of the blanket. Finally we packed up, walked around a bit more to get something to eat, and I almost forgot...we got the boys TATTOOED! Each one sat so still in the stroller as the guy airbrushed on their very own initial on one of their little biceps (do they have biceps at this age??)

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