Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

Jax has his Easter face on! He is so silly and he knows he is cute. Jaxon is one of these kids who is doing something he is unsure if it is okay (like biting), so just gives you this big cheese smile to distract and charm you over just in case. First thing this morning, we woke up bright and early to do the am feed. They are still getting up at about 6 or so for a small bottle feed and go back down to sleep. Luke was hot and had a temp of 102. He had a hard night last night so we were a bit worried, but by 830 or so his temp was back down, so maybe it was teething. He has a beautiful smile with his little teeth, but they really hurt him coming in!
We went to my moms church with my side of the family. The boys did surprisingly well. Wyatt fell asleep in his pops arms during the service and Jax was chatting so loud, I had to take him out in the hall. Luke was content being passed around and just checked everything/everyone out, nary a peep from him.

Afterwards we all went to IHOP for a bite to eat. The boys were impatient for their food and just kept slapping their little fat hands on the table until Don and I cracked open the baggies of apples and hamburger meat to tide them over. Wyatt is like a chipmunk, keeps food in his mouth forever. Leigha sat next to him and went to give him food and he still had apples in his mouth from about 10 mins before! They tried biscuits and had melon, and a bit of mushroom too. New places, new food, they are all for it! Being it was the boys first Easter, I made the waiter take a pic of us all together when we were done eating. The first one was crazy, I know the boys weren't looking so I made everyone stay were they were to take one more. I know it (or I) was a pain, but it was totally worth it! LOOK....

(l-r) Luke, me, Leigha, Don, Jaxon, Beth(Nana), Wyatt, and Don (Pops).
Yes, we dressed them alike today. It is not the normal thing for us because we think they are individuals and we should treat them accordingly. Mix them up a bit, lol. Not to mention how much $$ it would cost to buy 3 of the same thing ALL the time. These adorable outfits were from my aunt and uncle for Christmas. Perfect for today. They do look more "triplet" like with the matching clothes though.

My sister in law asked today about the boys bare feet. She asks questions like that. Things I never think of, are there on the top of her head. She notices little side details. She would be a great blogger, because she would have original topics. Maybe I will start using her to find new topics to talk about. :) Love ya Heather!
Anyhow, back to the feet. I am worried my boys will grow up and have those nasty dry feet no one wants to look at or their wife will yell at them because their dry feet touched their wife's' nice soft feet. Am I the cause of a dry feet destiny? The guilt already starting and they aren't even a year old yet. My boys just don't like things on their feet. I tried shoes and they HATED them. They were freaking out. I know they weren't too big, but they cried so much, I began to doubt if the size on the shoe was right. So we just stick with socks when it gets cold. But generally, they take the socks off to chew a bit on their toes. Especially Wyatt, he is VERY flexible. I will have to attach a pic of this kid some time. He is very quirky, even at an age of less than 11 months. Maybe tomorrow Wyatt will be the topic, hmmmm.

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